Car accident results in multiple injures in California

Several individuals, including a child, unfortunately suffered injuries in a recent California car accident. The afternoon car accident took place on a Friday. Police said it occurred when one person driving a vehicle ended up losing control of the car while exiting a car wash. Several minutes past 3:30 p.m., the driver of the vehicle… read more

When a criminal and civil case happen at the same time

This week, we have been discussing the two different kinds of cases that can be filed under our legal system: criminal cases and civil cases. In our last post, we explained the main differences between the two types of cases, and we also stated that it is possible for a defendant to face both types… read more

What is the difference between a criminal and a civil case?

As we began discussing in our last post, it is often possible to hold people accountable in civil lawsuit even when criminal charges are not successful because the standard of proof is different in each type of case. As a article explains, criminal charges must usually be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is… read more

Jenner likely to face civil, not criminal charges for accident

Bruce Jenner, who is perhaps more famous for being their former patriarch of the Kardiashian clan than winning the gold at the 1976 Olympics, was involved in a fatal car accident earlier this month and could face some major consequences as a result. We reported in a past post on our blog that the chain-reaction… read more

Just how dangerous can a motorcycle accident be?

Of course, being involved in any sort of accident in California can be quite dangerous, but you often hear people talk about the added danger of motorcycle crashes due to the lack of protection for the rider. On a bike, you don’t have a seat belt, airbags or a roll cage. You can take much… read more

1 death, 3 injures result from California car accident

One person died and three people were injured in a vehicle crash that took place on a recent Friday morning. The wrong-way car accident took place along California’s Interstate 880. The authorities reported that they received a call after midnight regarding a driver who was going north in the southbound lanes. When police got to… read more

Bicyclist, city reach settlement in suit stemming from accident

A California city has settled a personal injury lawsuit stemming from an accident involving a bicyclist and a city refuse driver. The bicycle accident took place on July 1, 2013 when a female bicyclist was traveling down the road and the driver of a refuse truck allegedly made a U-turn in front of her, causing… read more

Now is the time to revisit school zone safety

California Law enforcement officials are reminding drivers to use caution in school zones. Interestingly, they say it is often parents who drive too fast or are distracted after picking up or dropping off their children. In fact, an officer with the California Highway Patrol said parents cause most of the safety problems in school zones…. read more

Are you sending your child mixed messages on distracted driving?

Distracted driving leads to more than nine deaths and more than one thousand injuries every day in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and cellphones are one of the main sources of distraction. If you are the parent of a teenage driver, chances are that you have talked to… read more

What if the police report is inaccurate after a car accident?

Police are called to the scene of countless accidents everyday in California. That’s because the state has some of the busiest roads in the country, where accidents occur almost non-stop. Even though car accidents are extremely common in California, it does not mean that they don’t severely impact the lives of those involved. Any type… read more