What state has the most bicycle deaths every year? Ours!

It’s not a big surprise that California leads the nation, year after year, in bicycle fatalities. We have the most people. We have more bicyclists. We have the most miles of roads and highways of any other state. And we know that the car is king in California. The most recent statistics show California averaging… read more

Execs at contaminated scope company plead the Fifth.

Under federal investigation for their role in an outbreak of a “superbug,” three executives from Olympus Corp., a scope making company, invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during recent questioning.  During two days of depositions, the executives refused to answer questions related to internal company emails, according to an article by Med City News. … read more

Olympus Executives Plead the 5th

Three executives from Olympus Corp. repeatedly refused to answer questions during depositions in Tokyo on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. in regards to the company’s role in superbug outbreaks. But according to accusations in civil cases and in a federal investigation, Susumu Nishina told the U.S.-based managers of the company in 2013 not to issue… read more

Thousands of truckers could be affected by alleged medical card fraud

The medical cards of thousands of drivers who hold commercial driver’s licences (CDLs), are in doubt due to alleged fraudulent activity on the part of the medical examiner. Dr. Anthony Lefteris, a medical examiner based in Atlanta, Georgia, is said to have issued medical certifications to truck drivers without performing the full array of tests,… read more

Look for an upcoming rollback in truck safety rules

Signs point to a relaxing of truck safety rules and regulations in the months ahead. In early December the Obama administration presented proposals requiring stricter rules about truckers being rested. Congress said No. With Republicans in charge of Congress and the White House starting January 20, we should probably expect a major rollback of trucking… read more

Steps to take if you’re injured in a car crash

Getting into a car crash is hardly something anyone can truly be prepared for. These accidents can be devastating, especially if you become injured as a result of the crash. Dealing with an injury after an accident occurs can be particularly stressful; it could lead to extensive medical costs, lost wages due to missing work,… read more

Rabies stalks Northern California

Many people have the sense afoot that rabies is a thing of the past, a storybook disease like smallpox or leprosy. But as a recent case from Calaveras County shows, rabies is alive and well in our region, and people need to take it very seriously. In the month of November alone, seven persons had… read more

Seat belts. A Safety Hazard?

When we think of automobile safety, one of the first things that come to mind is the seat belt. Annually, they save about 14,000 lives. However, they may present a problem. Seat belts are designed to keep, for example, the average 40 year old man safe in the event of a crash. The force required… read more

What circumstances put teen drivers at risk for car accidents?

Teenagers between the ages of 16-19 have the highest average crash and traffic violation rate over any other age group of drivers. There are more rules and regulations for young drivers and with good reason. The state of California bans the use of cellphones for anyone under the age of 18; even in hands-free mode…. read more