Airbag Injuries

An automobile’s airbags should save lives and prevent serious injuries, not cause them. Yet every year, crash victims suffer painful and debilitating physical injuries when they collide too hard with airbags or when these safety devices malfunction. If a medical examiner or crash investigator determines you suffered your injuries because of an airbag, consult with… read more

California ATV Laws

ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, are a fun way to explore the outdoor arena in California. ATVs are a class of off-highway vehicle (OHV) that riders can operate in designated areas. California enforces strict regulations surrounding ATV operation that are meant to keep riders safe. What Does California Define as an ATV? ATVs possess several key… read more

California Helmet Laws

Helmets are an integral component of operating any vehicle, whether motorized or manually powered. Though many California residents, especially those belonging to the younger crowd, might not enjoy wearing helmets, they decrease the chance of injury during an accident. It isn’t safe to assume that your own riding abilities can prevent all accidents, making helmets… read more

California Moped Laws

Mopeds are akin to useful, motorized bicycles that allow their users to travel with ease. Though they might not seem as dangerous as vehicles like motorcycles, mopeds also pose risks that could injure riders. California is one of the few states with specific laws surrounding low-powered motor vehicles like mopeds, recognizing the need to safely… read more

Driving in Hot Weather

All drivers have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road, drive safely, and maintain safe practices for current conditions. Every driver will inevitably need to drive in inclement or unpleasant weather at some point. While many drivers dread the thought of driving through snow, many others find it equally unbearable to drive in… read more

Electric Scooter Laws in California

Electric scooters and rideshare services that offer limited-use electric scooters to the public for a fee are quickly becoming common alternatives to walking and using public transportation in many major cities across the country. Residents of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other California cities have likely seen electric scooters from rideshare companies like Bird, and… read more

Look for an upcoming rollback in truck safety rules

Signs point to a relaxing of truck safety rules and regulations in the months ahead. In early December the Obama administration presented proposals requiring stricter rules about truckers being rested. Congress said No. With Republicans in charge of Congress and the White House starting January 20, we should probably expect a major rollback of trucking… read more

‘The Road to Zero’ – A 30-year goal of zero traffic deaths

Zero traffic fatalities — that’s the ambitious goal set this past week by the Transportation Department. Zero, zip, nada. That’s a bold ambition, given that we have been seeing record numbers of deaths the past two years. Last year was the bloodiest year since 1966, and this year is expected to be 10 percent worse…. read more

Bright LED street lights causing cities, motorists consternation

We all say that we like streets to be brightly lit for greater driving safety at night. In the past few years many cities, including Sacramento and Davis, rushed to install LED street lamps. The new-era lamps were brighter, they reduced energy costs, and they lasted longer than their predecessors – about 15 to 20… read more

Is driving getting safer?

A question we are often asked is, Is it getting any better out there? For all the innovations in safety equipment, and heightened consciousness on the part of drivers – are our roads and highways actually safer? It’s an excellent question, and the answer is yes, a little bit. But it’s a complicated trend to… read more