Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Fatigued driver involved in California crash

Authorities say that a bus driver admitted that he was tired just before colliding with safety barrels and rolling through a divider on U.S. 101 in San Jose on Jan. 19. The accident resulted in two deaths with an additional eight people being transported to the hospital. One car was damaged when it hit debris… read more

Claiming wrongful death for a fatal crash

California residents might be interested in understanding more about why Paul Walker’s daughter has filed a lawsuit against Porsche over the late actor’s sudden death in a car accident in 2013. Walker died after the 2004 Carrera GT he was a passenger in crashed into a concrete lamppost. Investigators believe the vehicle was traveling up… read more

Is distracted driving really worth the risks?

Whether or not we realize it, many of our decisions in life are based on an immediate cost-benefit analysis. Behavioral rewards are weighed against risks, and we choose accordingly. And while we usually get things right, we often make the wrong decisions as well. Why do some errors leave us feeling like we did our… read more

Congressman wants railroad crossings investigated

In our last two posts, we discussed concern over the recent increase in the number of pedestrians and bicyclists being hit by commuter trains in California. Because it is believed that many of the accident victims were distracted by cellphones and other gadgets when they were hit, Sacramento Regional Transit recently launched a campaign warning… read more

When a criminal and civil case happen at the same time

This week, we have been discussing the two different kinds of cases that can be filed under our legal system: criminal cases and civil cases. In our last post, we explained the main differences between the two types of cases, and we also stated that it is possible for a defendant to face both types… read more

What is the difference between a criminal and a civil case?

As we began discussing in our last post, it is often possible to hold people accountable in civil lawsuit even when criminal charges are not successful because the standard of proof is different in each type of case. As a FindLaw.com article explains, criminal charges must usually be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is… read more

Jenner likely to face civil, not criminal charges for accident

Bruce Jenner, who is perhaps more famous for being their former patriarch of the Kardiashian clan than winning the gold at the 1976 Olympics, was involved in a fatal car accident earlier this month and could face some major consequences as a result. We reported in a past post on our blog that the chain-reaction… read more

Bruce Jenner involved in fatal California car accident

Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic gold medal decathlete who is even more famous for fathering Kendall and Kylie Jenner and step-fathering the Kardashian clan, was involved in a fatal car accident in California over the weekend. According to CNN, the four-car accident took place on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu around noon Saturday when… read more

Group releases yearly evaluation of states traffic laws

Even though highway fatalities have fallen by close to 25 percent over the past 10 years, there are still far too many lives lost and families torn apart by fatal motor vehicle accidents. For that reason, safety advocates are still encouraging states to do more to bolster their traffic laws. The Washington D.C.-based Advocates for… read more

Super Bowl Sunday known for drunk driving in California

If you are like many people in the Sacramento area, you will be spending Sunday watching the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49. But if you plan on watching the game at someplace other than your own home, or you venture out after the game, be on the lookout… read more