Your brain injury may be detectable with a blood test

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a blood test that has the ability to identify concussions so that people with potential brain injuries can promptly receive the treatment they need. The detection capabilities of the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator (BBTI) might even limit the number of people that have to undergo CT scans… read more

Do schools have to prevent bullying?

No matter where you live, you want to know that your child’s school is safe. There are so many hazards that could impact your child at school that it’s hard to imagine them all. However, it’s a school’s job to keep your child safe when he or she is in its care. Protecting your child… read more

Dangerous asthma inhalers have foreign officials concerned

Have you ever forgotten your asthma inhaler at home and felt fearful that symptoms would crop up while you drove back home to pick it up? Have you ever been hit with potentially deadly symptoms and been saved by your inhaler? Asthma medicine saves lives and prevents trips to the hospital every day, but that… read more

What are some signs of a traumatic brain injury?

You were at the store when it happened. You slipped and fell, but you didn’t have time to catch yourself. You struck your head on a step, temporarily knocking yourself unconscious. Blacking out as a result of hitting your head is a serious sign of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Traumatic brain injuries have many… read more

Are there seat belts on your children’s school buses?

Do you remember the days before seat belt use was required? While seat belts were invented more than a century ago, California drivers and passengers were not required to use them until 1986. Seat belts laws for California school buses Most parents wouldn’t dream of going for a drive without first buckling in their children…. read more

Takata airbags: Ford and Mazda expand their ‘Do Not Drive’ lists

Faulty Takata Airbags have resulted in countless auto manufacturers recalling millions of vehicles throughout the world. The problem is that numerous vehicle owners have yet to bring their cars into dealerships to get their defective airbags fixed for free. In some cases – in which passengers and drivers of certain vehicles are at risk of… read more

Understanding road rash: The seriousness of friction burns

You were riding your motorcycle when a teen driver came out of nowhere. You suspect the teen wasn’t paying attention, because he wasn’t even looking in your direction when you were hit. You went flying off your motorcycle, skidding across the gritty pavement. You broke several bones and have bad bruising, but the worst of… read more

Are your children’s car seats properly installed?

Sometimes it seems as if Roseville parents spend all of their time shuttling their kids to and from school, to team practices and other extracurricular activities and social obligations. The more time spent riding in passenger vehicles increases the potential risk of an injury-causing accident. Parents should always focus on keeping their children safe from… read more

Tips for increasing visibility on a bicycle

When you’re riding your bicycle through the streets of Roseville, you should always don a bicycle helmet and follow the rules of the road. However, there’s only so much these safety precautions can do to prevent injury. You’ll also want to increase your visibility. The more you can do to be seen by vehicles, the… read more

What are some symptoms of traumatic brain injuries?

As you drove home one evening, you noticed that the road was slick from rain. You slowed down, but other drivers weren’t as cautious. As you pulled around a bend, another vehicle slammed into yours. Several minutes later, you found yourself waking up to an emergency team helping you out of your vehicle. A series… read more