Is riding a scooter on a sidewalk illegal?

If you’re walking on a sidewalk and suddenly have to jump out of the way to avoid someone on a scooter, you know the dangers that they pose. Interestingly, mopeds, motor bikes and even scooters without power are banned from sidewalks in California. Why? In cases where a pedestrian can’t get out of the way,… read more

Simple advice to prevent motorcycle injuries

Sometimes it’s the simplest advice that offers the best results in terms of motorcycle safety. The easier and simpler a piece advice happens to be, the more likely motorcyclists will follow the advice and benefit from it. With this in mind, here are some great tips to prevent motorcycle crashes from State Farm Insurance: Get… read more

There are many common causes of pedestrian accidents

As a pedestrian, you know how important it is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. In California, a growing number of people have come to realize that it’s much easier to walk from one destination to the next — not to mention the health-boosting effects of such a biped lifestyle. While there… read more

Do you have an undiagnosed brain injury?

A blow or sudden jerking of your head can lead to a brain injury. Often referred to as concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are serious, no matter how mild. Recognizing a brain injury Mild brain damage can be difficult to recognize. If you, a family member or a friend has been in a car crash,… read more

7-vehicle crash leaves several injured

When one driver makes an error, that person puts everyone else on the roads in danger. A single error could result in multiple vehicles crashing, which could lead to injuries and deaths. Even if the initial accident is caused by a small vehicle, the impacts of larger vehicles or the involvement of pedestrians can quickly… read more

Amputation and phantom limb pain

Amputation injuries are not uncommon after a catastrophic car accident that results in severe damage to a leg or arm. If you have suffered the amputation of a limb as a result of a car accident, you are no doubt struggling to adjust to post-amputation life. One thing you could be dealing with in this… read more

Car vs. semi accident on SoCal freeway captured on video

While residents of Roseville don’t have the traffic congestion and accompanying highway hazards that their counterparts in Southern California do, accidents can occur at any time or place where there is vehicular traffic. Such was the case in Colton last week on the I-10 westbound freeway near Pepper Avenue. According to a sergeant with the… read more

Osteomyelitis: A troublesome complication of broken bones

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection. There are many types of germs that can cause this, and not all cases come from injuries. However, after a car accident or other injury, you are more likely to have an injury that allows bacteria to spread through the body. A simple cut or a broken bone that breaks… read more

Prevent this common motorcycle accident

Motorcycle riders in California — and everywhere else in the United States — are cautious and careful to prevent accidents, for the most part. However, a lot of motorcyclists — even experienced ones — do not have the basic safety training required to know certain tricks for accident prevention. For this reason, motorcyclists should always… read more

The most common excuses for road rage

The summer driving season may be over in a few weeks, but recent events that have garnered national headlines suggest that road rage is just as prominent and dangerous as it ever has been. Indeed, there are occasional frustrations that come with driving in such a densely populated metro area, but the threat of road… read more