Vital bicycle accident statistics you need to know

Every day multiple bicyclists suffer catastrophic injuries in California. In many cases, these injuries will be fatal or lead to lifelong disabilities. For this reason, bicyclists need to use their common sense, follow all the rules of the road and utilize safety equipment — especially helmets — at all times. Bicyclists may also want to… read more

Amnesia: From forgetting days to losing a lifetime

Memory loss is difficult enough when it’s simple things from day to day. When memory loss is more than forgetting where you put your keys or not remembering you had an appointment, it becomes hard to live your life normally. In some cases involving head trauma, individuals lose their ability to remember who they are… read more

4 common causes of slip-and-fall accidents

As you can imagine, a slip-and-fall accident can happen anywhere. However, depending on the conditions you find yourself in, you might end up with a higher chance of tripping or slipping and suffering a serious injury. This is why, in situations where property owners neglect to resolve issues that increase the chances of a slip-and-fall… read more

Filing a claim quickly matters: The Statute of Limitations

When it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit, you need to make a decision quickly. There are statute of limitation laws that create a deadline after which you can no longer file a claim. The statute of limitations vary by the kind of case and location. The time restrictions in one state may not… read more

Examples of motor vehicle safety defects

Motor vehicle manufacturers are human and they make mistakes. The problem is that American consumers — drivers and passengers alike — often become the guinea pigs that determine over time whether a particular manufactured item is dangerous or not. In the case of a defective or dangerously-manufactured vehicle, injured motorists and passengers will have the… read more

Take a safety course before operating an off-road vehicle

The state of California has abundant recreational opportunities awaiting residents and visitors alike. One favorite recreational activity is four-wheeling or driving off-roading vehicles. All motor vehicles that are driven off-road are considered off-highway vehicles (OHVs). Even cars and trucks that are normally driven on highways are considered to be OHVs when driven off-road. Other common… read more

How is a brain injury measured?

After a brain injury, it takes time to heal. Some people may never fully recover, but even after recovery slows, there’s still some healing that takes place. Brain injuries occur whenever there is a documented loss of consciousness, skull fracture, abnormal brain scan due to trauma, post-traumatic seizure activity or amnesia in most cases. After… read more

High school remembers 2 who died in an Interstate 80 collision

Driving an automobile comes with real and serious risks. Unfortunately, no one who lives in the modern world can avoid these risks. Whether you own a car or not, you’re bound to ride in a vehicle at some point. It might be a bus, taxi, your own car or the car of your friend. Even… read more

1 killed in 3-vehicle accident involving 2 semis

Crashes are bad enough when they’re between two small vehicles, but when they involve multiple semi-trucks, they can be lethal. The size of these vehicles makes them likely to crush and damage vehicles of all sizes, putting everyone’s lives at risk. Add to that the risk of hazardous materials spilling or the truck’s load breaking… read more

Winterizing your car for driving in the Sierras

In a recent blog entry, a fatal accident near Roseville was discussed. As pointed out, it’s important to winterize your vehicle. This helps prepare you for any weather-related fastballs Mother Nature might hit you with this season. Tips for winterizing your car or truck Roseville residents usually don’t have to worry too much about snow… read more