What motorcycle drivers need to know about lane splitting

There are a lot of little perks that come with riding a motorcycle. Better gas mileage is one of them. The ability to move through even very congested traffic is another. People on motorcycles can maneuver between vehicles, even when traffic has come to a complete stop all around them. The smaller, two-wheeled vehicles can… read more

Motorcycle safety: 2 ways to avoid injurious accidents

If you’re not doing everything you can to avoid vehicle collisions while you’re riding a motorcycle – and if you’re not constantly attentive to safety and defensive driving – you’re putting your life at risk every time you get on the road. Motorcycle riding doesn’t have to be like “Russian Roulette.” Yes, it will always… read more

Motorcyclists are at risk this spring

Motorcyclists begin to head out on the roads more often in the spring, even here in California. Other motorists are more likely to be expecting them on the roads. The trouble is that motorcycles are still dangerous, and you can get badly hurt if you get into a crash. Before you head out in the… read more

3 ways that trucking companies are liable for accidents

The federal government has created an array of laws that govern the activities of commercial trucking companies and the truck drivers that work for them. This is because of the extreme dangers presented by heavy semi-trucks, which move slowly and cannot navigate traffic in an agile way, making semi-trucks more prone to being in an… read more

The human brain could be the cause of many motorcycle crashes

If you ride a motorcycle often, then you know what it feels like to have someone pull out in front of you with little time to spare. These near-misses make you worry about your safety on the roads, as they should. There’s a legitimate reason behind why you’re at a higher risk than others on… read more

The Textalyzer may help you win your car accident case

If you or someone you know was in a serious car accident, figuring out who was at fault can be tricky business. Texting while driving is very hard to prove, even though everyone knows it probably was the cause of the accident. Currently, police have to try and match timestamps from a driver’s cellphone messages with the… read more

Preparing your motorcycle for the spring season

The spring season is right around the corner across the country. With the change of seasons bearing down on us, you are likely itching at getting back on your motorcycle and hitting the road. You need to make sure that the bike is ready for all that spring will throw at it and you when… read more

How do brain injuries impact your body?

When you originally suffered your head injury, you expected to recover quickly. You thought you’d get headaches and feel sore, but you didn’t realize how many of your body’s functions rely on your brain directly. The brain is responsible for controlling the body. Any kind of damage to the brain has the potential to affect… read more

44,000 vehicles recalled by Hyundai

The 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport have a serious defect relating to their steering wheels. According to the automaker, the steering assembly could potentially break off in your hands while driving, leaving your vehicle completely uncontrollable. As terrifying as this sounds, Hyundai drivers can rest assured that no injuries or deaths relating… read more

These causes of truck accidents might surprise you

Truck accidents happen for many reasons. While most people know the common causes, like being in the driver’s blind spot or a driver getting distracted behind the wheel, there are other things that could lead to serious collisions as well. For example, even when you come to a stop at an intersection, you could be… read more