Driver kills one and injures over 30 pedestrians

The flashing lights of emergency personnel added to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip when a woman drove her vehicle through crowds on the sidewalk near the Paris Las Vegas hotel on Dec. 20.. The popular vacation destination for many California residents was turned into a scene of frantically running people and medics… read more

Why human drivers are hitting self-driving cars

As driverless cars are being tested on roads in California, the number of accidents are adding up. Many accidents involving the cars are happening because the cars always obey traffic laws and do not perform traffic maneuvers as aggressively as human drivers. The cars may sometimes stop suddenly when they detect minor hazards such as… read more

Family sues Caitlyn Jenner for California accident

On Dec. 4, a family that was involved in Caitlyn Jenner’s February 2015 car accident that left one person dead filed a lawsuit against her. The lawsuit alleges that four members of the family and a fifth occupant suffered serious injuries when Jenner’s car collided with their vehicle on the Pacific Coast Highway in California…. read more

New federal rule requires truck drivers to use electronic logs

Under a new federal regulation, commercial bus and truck drivers in California and nationwide will soon be required to log their hours electronically. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released the final rule in December 2015, and it will go into effect 60 days after the date of its release. Commercial drivers have been required… read more

Legal requirements for commercial truck brake systems

Many truck accidents that take place in California happen because of malfunctioning brake systems. Working brake systems are a crucial part of truck safety, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has specific rules about brake system requirements for commercial motor vehicles. It is a legal requirement that every commercial motor vehicle have a brake… read more

California highway crash kills 1, injures 3

On Nov. 27, one person was killed in a car accident that occurred on a California highway. The accident reportedly occurred at about 12:30 a.m. on Interstate Highway 580 at 98th Avenue near Oakland. At the scene, authorities with the California Highway Patrol found a 1997 Toyota Corolla that had landed in the embankment located… read more

Pedestrians in wheelchairs at higher risk in accidents

The roads of many California cities can be particularly unforgiving for pedestrians, and a new study suggests that those in wheelchairs may be especially vulnerable. Academics from Georgetown University say that pedestrians in wheelchairs are 36 percent more likely to be killed when struck than those on foot, and careless motorists are often the reason… read more