Are your children’s car seats properly installed?

Sometimes it seems as if Roseville parents spend all of their time shuttling their kids to and from school, to team practices and other extracurricular activities and social obligations. The more time spent riding in passenger vehicles increases the potential risk of an injury-causing accident. Parents should always focus on keeping their children safe from… read more

Do you keep your kids safe in your car and driveway?

Parents often face a battle when it is time to travel with young children. For some, even a trip to the local grocery store takes a lot of patience and effort. Keeping your kids safe while you are driving takes a plan. Fortunately, there are some simple ways that you can help to keep them… read more

When kids are injured in crashes

The statistics for car crash injuries and fatalities are even more horrifying when you learn how many victims are children under age eight. In 2015, 663 children 12 years and younger died in car crashes. In 2014,121,350 suffered significant injuries. The Centers for Disease Control lists transportation injuries as the leading cause of death for children. The… read more

Falls and falling objects: When gravity drops a load on you

Many of the worst and most common personal injuries involve things falling down. Consider the many ways objects fall, at the worst possible moment: Objects and even buildings falling at construction sites Crane and scaffold failures Shelf failures in stores Improperly loaded trucks Debris and merchandise blocking the highway Elevator failures Airplane crashes People falling… read more