4 signs of nursing home neglect

When you tour a nursing home, they’ll make it sound like an ideal place for your elderly loved one to live. It may be, but you need to watch for signs of neglect to make sure that it’s as good as advertised. Remember, the elderly may not report neglect or abuse. They can feel ashamed… read more

App helps drivers kick the distracted driving habit

With the proliferation of cell phones applications that help drivers navigate traffic zones, it is no surprise that more drivers use their phones for more than just their navigational tools while behind the wheel. After logging into a map application (for example) some drivers will take quick look at Facebook or while they’re driving… read more

Driver dead after 22-wheel semitruck crashes into his vehicle

A fatal semitruck accident happened in Pleasant Grove last Sunday. A 21-year-old driver did not survive the collision and a passenger in his vehicle required hospitalization. The accident happened a little after 12:30 p.m. Just before the collision, the 21-year-old driver was operating a Chevy Impala. He stopped at a two-way stop, and then drove… read more

Drunk boating is a serious, if often overlooked, safety concern

Some people don’t think of drunk boating as a real hazard. They think of boats as toys more than vehicles. They may never drink and drive in a car, but they think nothing of spending hours on the water with a case of beer. There’s a party-style atmosphere that makes this seem less dire. The… read more

When kids are injured in crashes

The statistics for car crash injuries and fatalities are even more horrifying when you learn how many victims are children under age eight. In 2015, 663 children 12 years and younger died in car crashes. In 2014,121,350 suffered significant injuries. The Centers for Disease Control lists transportation injuries as the leading cause of death for children. The… read more

When the balcony you are standing on collapses

When the place you are standing breaks off and falls, injuries are serious, and the number of people injured can be high. Balcony collapses are a prime example of this. People collect on a space that is warranted to be safe, and something gives. Sometimes it is the balcony railing that collapses, and people close… read more

Did your smartphone explode?

Smartphones, e-cigarettes and a variety of other consumer products that use rechargeable lithium ion batteries are in constant danger of exploding and causing injury to their users. For example, Samsung recalled a number of its Note 7 phablets because consumers were suffering severe burns when the digital devices exploded. E-cigarettes are in danger of exploding… read more

Are ATV accidents more severe than car crashes?

At this time of year, many parents become worried about their teens because of the increased potential  for auto accidents. Prom season and the upcoming graduation seasons are prime time for accidents. However, we cannot forget that teens can be injured when operating other motor vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). According to a… read more

Should parents be afraid of having their children around dogs?

There are a number of reasons why some parents are nervous about having children around dogs.  Dog bite injuries are the second most common cause of emergency room visits for kids. A majority of injuries are to hands and arms, while head and neck injuries are also common. Further, children are more susceptible to fatal… read more

4 reasons for tailgating

Tailgating is dangerous and causes accidents constantly, but it’s also so common that everyone has been tailgated at some point. Millions of drivers do it every single week. Drivers’ education courses always talk about staying two seconds back and maintaining a safe following distance, but people continue to tailgate. Why does this happen? Below are… read more