Motorcycle accident

California Helmet Laws

Helmets are an integral component of operating any vehicle, whether motorized or manually powered. Though many California residents, especially those belonging to the younger crowd, might not enjoy wearing helmets, they decrease the chance of injury during an accident. It isn’t safe to assume that your own riding abilities can prevent all accidents, making helmets… read more

Is Lane Splitting Legal in California?

Lane-splitting, also called “white lining,” is the act of passing between adjacent lanes of moving traffic. Understandably, many jurisdictions consider this a dangerous practice and have specific laws prohibiting lane-splitting. Other jurisdictions recognize that lane-splitting can be a life-saving maneuver in some traffic patterns and have clear guidelines stipulating when and how lane-splitting can be… read more

How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are incredibly damaging. A motorcycle offers its operator virtually no protection from crash forces, unlike an enclosed passenger car with body panels and a sturdy frame to cushion the impact force from a crash. All motorcyclists should know how to prevent motorcycle accidents. While it is impossible for any rider to fully anticipate… read more

What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident can be a traumatic, damaging experience. Even a low-speed collision can result in serious injuries and substantial economic damages. If you or a loved one own a motorcycle and ever experience an accident, it is crucial to know what to do following the crash. The steps you take immediately after an accident… read more

Just how dangerous can a motorcycle accident be?

Of course, being involved in any sort of accident in California can be quite dangerous, but you often hear people talk about the added danger of motorcycle crashes due to the lack of protection for the rider. On a bike, you don’t have a seat belt, airbags or a roll cage. You can take much… read more

Full compensation for all accident costs in California

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident in California, the main costs that you face could be medical expenses. Just the ride to the hospital, in the back of an ambulance, can be quite costly, and the numbers keep climbing depending on how much treatment you need and how long you have to stay…. read more

Motorcycle accident deaths show dangerous trend

A motorcycle accident can, in many cases, lead to a fatality more easily than a car accident since the rider does not have the physical body of the car to protect him or her in the crash. The rider also does not have other safety features, such as airbags and the like. Even when safety… read more

Your financial damages after a motorcycle accident

After a motorcycle accident in California, you may have the ability to claim certain damages in a lawsuit, especially if the other driver caused the crash — perhaps by turning left in front of your bike, for example. It is very important that you know what damages you can claim and when you have a… read more

What are some common reasons for California motorcycle accidents?

Some motorcycle accidents in California can be avoided and some cannot; either way, knowing what the most common reasons for these accidents are can be helpful. First of all, it can help riders stay safe on the road, but it can also help them know their rights if they are involved in an accident that… read more

Obtaining compensation after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycles aren’t equipped with seatbelts, airbags and other safety devices that protect passengers of automobiles. That means when accidents occur, there is very little defending motorcyclists from the other vehicle or the pavement. If you have been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, chances are that you have a long road ahead of you when… read more