2 crashes in California take 10 lives

A pair of crashes in California left a staggering 10 people dead in their wake. In one of the accidents, four young people who passed away had all just graduated together, as they were classmates in high school. Police are now investigating to see what caused both fiery wrecks to occur. One of the crashes… read more

California car accident leaves 4 children in hospital

A crash in Fresno on March 14 has sent four children to the hospital, two of whom are in critical condition. According to police, a man collided with a Suburban containing nine students who were coming home from school. The man was allegedly trying to evade police after he realized that an officer had clocked… read more

California drivers cited for talking, texting while driving

Police throughout the country are serious about cutting back on car accidents as a result of talking and texting while driving. While each state has its own laws on what is and is not illegal, it is important for drivers to know exactly what is expected of them. California is one of the strictest states… read more