Car accident leads to 1 death, multiple injuries in California

People often are focused on their daily agendas — picking up the kids from school, grabbing a carton of milk from the grocery store or making a deposit at the bank — so that they don’t likely entertain the thought of a sudden car accident injuring them or taking their lives. A car accident can… read more

California woman makes truck accident rescue for second time

  An accident in Pinole on Interstate 80 left one woman trapped inside her car; luckily, a 24-year-old woman from Vallejo was able to rescue her. This is the second time that the Vallejo woman has responded to a truck accident in about two years. The Vallejo woman was on her way home on Jan…. read more

Baby girl killed in an automobile accident in California

Few things can truly compare to the devastation a parent feels when the life of his or her child is taken. It is every parent’s greatest fear. Sadly, for the parents of a little baby girl in California, this fear became a reality when their daughter was killed in an automobile accident earlier this month…. read more

California pedestrian accident results in fatality and injuries

Sadly, the rate of auto-pedestrian accidents seems to be on the rise all across the country. The simple truth is that many of these accidents could be easily avoided if drivers were paying closer attention to their surroundings. This appears to have been the case for a recent pedestrian accident in California that killed one… read more

Dog spared after Murrieta biting incident

An Akita that attacked a 3-year-old boy inside of a Murrieta Lowe’s will not be euthanized. The dog, also 3 years old, was determined to be under “irresponsible” ownership, rather than being a danger to the community. The dog’s owner, a 62-year-old Murrieta man was arrested for suspected criminal negligence and was released on a… read more

Car accident results in death of 24-year-old in California

A person who is in college may be excited about the future, looking forward to seizing all the opportunities that life has to offer in his or her chosen career field. These dreams, however, could be snuffed out in an instant simply due to another person’s lack of caution behind the wheel of a motor… read more

California man arrested after 3 killed in an automobile accident

Deadly car accidents can occur in an instant. However, their aftereffects may haunt survivors and family members for the rest of their lives. Recently, three people were killed in an automobile accident in southern California. A man has been taken into custody for allegedly causing the crash. In addition to the fatalities, several more were… read more

Wrongful death? California motorcycle accident claims man’s life

Motorcycles and motorcyclists sometimes get a bad rep across the country. When many California residents think of a motorcyclist, they consider them reckless and the primary cause of a motorcycle accident. However, this is a false assumption. Whether you are driving a car, truck or motorcycle, you are expected to drive safely and pay attention… read more

Car accident causes 3 deaths, multiple injuries in California

A fatal accident can easily turn what was intended to be a leisurely car ride into a tragic and fatal wreck that also causes grief for surviving family members. If the driver of a vehicle becomes distracted behind the wheel or fails to obey a traffic law or the rules of the road, this can… read more

California woman killed in a pedestrian accident; 16 more injured

When someone hears about a car accident, one typically envisions something on a busy road or highway. A boardwalk at the beach is not usually somewhere one would picture a crash occurring. However, one woman was sadly killed in a pedestrian accident in California that did indeed take place on a busy boardwalk during the… read more