Widow sues fire truck driver for fatal crash

On Nov. 23, it was reported that a California widow filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County and the driver of a fire truck who allegedly caused the fatal accident that killed her husband. The accident occurred on July 31 at about 5 p.m. as the widow and her 36-year-old husband were heading to a… read more

Owner of car may be responsible in hit-and-run accident

A white BMW belonging to Blac Chyna was involved in an accident in Southern California on Nov. 7. Although the businesswoman was reportedly at home at the time, she may still be partially responsible. Reportedly, the car sped down Reseda Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley and ran a stop sign before hitting a black… read more

Making driving in California safer

Improvements in vehicle safety have dramatically reduced the number of road related deaths over the last several decades. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, enacting regulations like seat belt requirements in cars has saved an annual average of more than 11,000 lives annually between 1960 and 2012. However, safety regulations aren’t the only… read more

Two in five drivers admit to drowsy driving

According to a new study, approximately two of every five drivers in California and across the U.S. have dozed off while behind the wheel of a car at some point in their lives. The study, which was conducted by AAA, was released as part of National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week in November. At the Asleep… read more

Single-vehicle crash in California claims 2 lives, injures 1

The California Highway Patrol report that two young women died from injuries they suffered in a single vehicle crash during the early morning hours of Nov. 1. The driver of the vehicle, who was also another young woman, was severely injured in the accident. According to the report, the accident took place on Franklin Canyon… read more

Fiery head-on collision kills 5

Five people were killed in a fiery car accident in California Oct. 24. The fatal crash happened east of Groveland along Highway 120, the highway that connects the Bay Area to Yosemite National Park. The two vehicles collided head on, but police could not immediately determine which of the two vehicles had crossed the centerline…. read more