The 2 primary categories of brain injury

When you think of paralysis and severe disabilities, you usually think about spinal cord damage; however, brain damage can result in severe and permanent disabilities too. These life-long disabilities can result in people not being able to earn a living or care for themselves. As such, they’ll also result in astronomical costs related to medical… read more

Who is responsible if I am in a commercial truck accident?

When a consumer driver experiences an accident with a commercial truck, the damage and injuries the victims suffer are often catastrophic. Even in relatively minor accidents that only result in moderate injuries or damage, the expenses of recovering physically and the other costs to the victims can add up quickly. If you have ever been… read more

Why call an attorney to the scene of your first car accident?

When a driver experiences his or her first car accident, no matter how old the driver is or how long he or she has been driving, it is very disorienting. Whether the collision is a relatively simple fender bender or a more serious injury accident, these are often lengthy, costly matters to resolve. Additionally, the… read more

Mother hit, suffering from life-threatening injuries

When someone tries to do a good deed, there’s no worse thing that could happen than for the individual to get hurt. Take, for example, this case in which a woman, who was helping a stalled driver, suffered serious, life-threatening injuries. According to the Dec. 7 report, the woman stopped to help a driver who… read more

Winter driving tips for the long haul

Whether you’re driving long-distance to visit family friends this winter, or simply driving for business, you should keep your eyes on the very real dangers that winter driving entails. Indeed, different parts of the United States are more dangerous than others, so it’s important to be prepared — and well-armed — with a few long-distance… read more

What symptoms do traumatic brain injuries cause?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) changes lives immediately. It doesn’t just affect the person who got hurt. It also affects the injured person’s family members, coworkers, friends and associates. Because TBIs are acquired brain injuries, they happen suddenly, allowing no time to adjust to the changes. TBIs have the potential to be severe or minor…. read more

Information to give your doctor after a traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury is not always easy to diagnose. Patients frequently don’t exhibit outward signs of an injury, and if they don’t provide the right kind of information to their physicians, the medical provider might not issue the appropriate diagnosis. This could lead to the patient not receiving the right kind of treatment for… read more

How can a mild brain injury affect my personality?

If you recently suffered a blow to the head, you may have a brain injury without knowing it. Brain injuries affect each victim differently, often leading many to suffer without ever receiving a proper medical diagnosis or treatment. Mild injuries are very dangerous Mild concussions are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and can cause a variety… read more

Rollover accidents: Why they happen and how to avoid them

Car rollover accidents are some of the most terrifying. People become trapped inside and could be crushed or worse. Rollover accidents can involve any vehicle, whether it’s a tall SUV or a smaller passenger car. In the right conditions, any vehicle has the potential to roll. Vehicles normally roll because of sideways forces. For example,… read more

Bicyclist suffers major head injury in vehicle collision

A head injury is one of the worst kinds of injuries a bicyclist can suffer from. In fact, a recent car versus bicycle accident proved catastrophic after a female bicyclist suffered a serious head injury in Middletown. The 45-year-old woman was hit by a vehicle on a Wednesday afternoon at approximately 4:15 p.m., while she… read more