Group releases yearly evaluation of states traffic laws

Even though highway fatalities have fallen by close to 25 percent over the past 10 years, there are still far too many lives lost and families torn apart by fatal motor vehicle accidents. For that reason, safety advocates are still encouraging states to do more to bolster their traffic laws. The Washington D.C.-based Advocates for… read more

Super Bowl Sunday known for drunk driving in California

If you are like many people in the Sacramento area, you will be spending Sunday watching the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 49. But if you plan on watching the game at someplace other than your own home, or you venture out after the game, be on the lookout… read more

7 injured in fiery California car accident

A sudden crash can change a person’s life in an instant by leading to injuries that can affect his or her ability to function normally. In some cases, a car accident occurs as a result of the negligence of a driver. One multiple-vehicle accident in California recently resulted in injuries to multiple individuals. The fiery… read more

Civil Boy Scout sexual abuse case goes to trial

A 20-year-old man who was sexually abused by a Boy Scout adult volunteer in 2007 has sued the Boy Scouts of America in a personal injury lawsuit. The case began trial this week. The man is arguing that the organization failed to warn parents and volunteers about the dangers of sexual abuse. His attorney said… read more

What to do after a horse bite in California

The Bay Area is one of the best places in the country to get a taste of the beautiful outdoors. Residents and visitors alike have the option to explore the beaches, foothills and vineyards on bikes, foot or on horseback. In fact, horseback riding is a popular recreational activity in the area, and there is… read more

Car accidents are more likely with fast music playing

Do you like to listen to heavy metal or punk rock while you drive, rather than jazz or classical music? If so, some researchers believe that you could be more likely to get into a car accident in California. They have found that faster music increases the odds that a crash will occur. In fact,… read more

Fog a problem on rural Central Valley roadways

Although traffic is sparse, the roads are frequented by farm workers, like the ones who were killed in the crash earlier this month. In order to help keep these workers safe, the California Highway Patrol launched a program more than 10 years ago called the Safety and Farm Labor Vehicle Education Program. Under the program,… read more

California car accident results in 2 deaths

One vehicle accident recently took the lives of two people in California. Police said the car accident occurred when a person who may have been under the influence went over the middle line of a road and struck an automobile head-on. Both of the occupants of the car that was struck, a 19-year-old man and… read more

Working with an insurance company after a bicycle accident

If you are injured in a bicycle accident that was not your fault, you may think that it is pretty clear that the insurance company should pay for your expenses. You could be looking at the small cost of replacing the bike and the much larger costs of medical treatment, rehab, a hospital stay, and… read more

How are speed limits set?

After a motor vehicle accident occurs, one of the first things police investigate is whether any of the vehicles involved were speeding. As we all know, speeding is a factor in many motor vehicle accidents. However, have you ever wondered how speed limits are set? You might be surprised to know that drivers play a… read more