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3 ways that trucking companies are liable for accidents

The federal government has created an array of laws that govern the activities of commercial trucking companies and the truck drivers that work for them. This is because of the extreme dangers presented by heavy semitrucks, which move slowly and cannot navigate traffic in an agile way, making semitrucks more prone to being in an accident. In an effort to keep drivers and the numerous people who share the road with them safe, these federal regulations provide rules relating to:

  • Limits on how many consecutive hours and how many consecutive days truck drivers can work before they must take scheduled rest breaks
  • Special maintenance standards for trucks
  • Special rules about how trucks can navigate traffic on the highway and where they can and cannot be driven
  • Rules against the use of cellphones and other distractions
  • Many other rules and regulations

Even though truck drivers and their employers are bound by federal guidelines, they still make numerous mistakes and/or blatantly choose to disregard the law. Here are some of the primary ways that trucking companies may be at fault and liable for a truck accident:

  • Failing to adequately train truck drivers in safety and other driving techniques
  • Creating ways of compensating drivers that encourage drivers to speed and violate rest time regulations
  • Setting unrealistic delivery schedules and unrealistic expectations that cause drivers to take undue risks

The human brain could be the cause of many motorcycle crashes

If you ride a motorcycle often, then you know what it feels like to have someone pull out in front of you with little time to spare. These near-misses make you worry about your safety on the roads, as they should. There's a legitimate reason behind why you're at a higher risk than others on the roads.

There are many reasons why motorcyclists get into crashes with other motorists. Sometimes, it's because the drivers of larger vehicles claim they didn't see the motorcyclist. Why don't they, though? Is that really a true excuse?

The Textalyzer may help you win your car accident case

If you or someone you know was in a serious car accident, figuring out who was at fault can be tricky business. Texting while driving is very hard to prove, even though everyone knows it probably was the cause of the accident.

Currently, police have to try and match timestamps from a driver's cellphone messages with the estimated time of the collision. Or, they have to compare the timestamps to how long someone has been driving to determine if he or she was texting and driving. This is an often-ineffective way of catching texting drivers. A new device can change all that.

Preparing your motorcycle for the spring season

The spring season is right around the corner across the country. With the change of seasons bearing down on us, you are likely itching at getting back on your motorcycle and hitting the road. You need to make sure that the bike is ready for all that spring will throw at it and you when out riding. Here are some tips for preparing your motorcycle for spring.

It's best not to ride your bike using old fuel. If you did not empty the fuel tank prior to storing your bike in the winter, then now is the time to do so. You should get rid of the old fuel and put a new tank of gas in the motorcycle.

How do brain injuries impact your body?

When you originally suffered your head injury, you expected to recover quickly. You thought you'd get headaches and feel sore, but you didn't realize how many of your body's functions rely on your brain directly.

The brain is responsible for controlling the body. Any kind of damage to the brain has the potential to affect you in multiple ways. Here are a few things that could happen if you suffer an injury to the brain stem, parietal lobe or occipital lobe.

44,000 vehicles recalled by Hyundai

The 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport have a serious defect relating to their steering wheels. According to the automaker, the steering assembly could potentially break off in your hands while driving, leaving your vehicle completely uncontrollable.

As terrifying as this sounds, Hyundai drivers can rest assured that no injuries or deaths relating to this problem have been reported thus far. Only one report has been issued from a man who claimed his steering wheel broke off while his Santa Fe was still parked.

These causes of truck accidents might surprise you

Truck accidents happen for many reasons. While most people know the common causes, like being in the driver's blind spot or a driver getting distracted behind the wheel, there are other things that could lead to serious collisions as well.

For example, even when you come to a stop at an intersection, you could be a victim of a truck accident. There are usually white lines that cross the road in front of you. Stay behind those lines; they're there to give trucks turning left enough space to do so without hitting anyone. If you are ahead of the white line, a truck driver may not have enough space to make a turn.

Legal marijuana could be increasing pedestrian deaths 

Have you ever stopped to consider the best ways to reduce the threat of pedestrians being hit by vehicles? The answers are obvious, when pedestrians and vehicle drivers are more attentive and follow the law, fewer accidents – and fewer deaths – will occur. The problem is that more pedestrians than ever are dying on America's roads. The year 2016 saw the highest number of pedestrian deaths in over three decades.

These sad and sobering statistics certainly leaves one to wonder: Are fewer drivers following the law and are fewer drivers paying attention? Why has there been such an increase in pedestrian deaths in recent years when so many efforts have been made to make roads safer for pedestrians, to enforce the law and to create stricter legal standards and liability for drivers who hurt people on foot?

Effects of Erb's Palsy in newborns

It's a sad fact that not all pregnancies end in healthy bundles of joy born to delighted parents. Far too many new parents are devastated after their infants are born with significant birth defects, many of which may have been preventable.

Certainly mothers-to-be must be proactive about their, and their unborn babies', health and safety. But the medical professionals tasked with overseeing the mothers' pregnancies and deliveries must also remain vigilant about their patients' conditions. When obstetricians or midwives drop the ball and something goes awry during a delivery, the consequences range from mild and temporary to permanently disabling.

Your brain injury may be detectable with a blood test

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a blood test that has the ability to identify concussions so that people with potential brain injuries can promptly receive the treatment they need. The detection capabilities of the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator (BBTI) might even limit the number of people that have to undergo CT scans or other tests that expose patients to radiation.

Lately, brain damage as a result of concussions has been a prominent issue for those who participate in certain sporting activities. For example, football players -- from those still in grade school to those who play professionally -- typically sustain one or more concussions. In the most severe cases, players have died, and those who have suffered multiple concussions have developed other medical conditions as a result.

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