Keep your wheels on the road with these springtime driving tips

Have you ever seen the “Slip-n-Slide” game that kids play in the yard? Roll out that slick yellow plastic, spray it down with water, kids will slip and slide to their heart’s content. This is not unlike the way road conditions can be during the spring months. As the April showers come to meet thawing… read more

Motorcycle crashes are often the fault of other drivers

Motorcycles are a common sight in California, so drivers should know that they need to keep an eye out for these open vehicles. When car and truck drivers aren’t cautious, crashes can occur. Without the protection of a vehicle frame and body, motorcyclists can be seriously injured or killed in these crashes. All it takes… read more

The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries vary by patient

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are usually caused by outside forces and are fairly common problems among Americans. TBI-related deaths, emergency room visits and hospitalizations total around 2.8 million people each year. Interestingly, men, children and the elderly are approximately three times more likely to be affected by and die from brain injuries as women. Those… read more

How many drivers are asleep at the wheel?

Have you ever been driving your car at night and noticed yourself drifting off to sleep? Even at the slightest sign of sleepiness, you should immediately pull off to the side of the road, take a brief nap or drink a cup of coffee. If this isn’t enough to resolve your sleep-deprived situation, it’s best… read more

Do rearward car seats do better in crash tests?

When it comes to the safety of their children, many American parents may seem overprotective or too concerned about safety, there are certain things that parents can’t be too careful with — like car safety. When it comes to keeping children safe in cars, the first line of defense is the car seat. However, there… read more

What can you do to avoid a springtime motorcycle crash?

With warmer weather and clear skies, it’s much more common to see motorcyclists on the roads. Springtime does bring out some unique hazards, though, which could end up causing you trouble while you ride. What can you do to stay safer? Here are a few tips. Be a defensive driver Don’t hope that others avoid… read more

How to be a safe motorcycle passenger

Not much focus is given to motorcycle passengers. Passengers perch on small seats behind the rider, lightly grasping the driver around the chest or hips. Never by the shoulders, as this puts the passenger in control of steering the bike, and that’s always a bad idea. But just as there are both responsible and irresponsible… read more

Common injuries: Watch out for these motorcycle crash injuries

If you ride a motorcycle, there’s a chance that you’ll get into a motorcycle crash. Every time you head out, you have to be cautious of other drivers. They don’t always see you, which means you have to see them coming first. As a motorcyclist, it’s important to wear all your protective gear at all… read more

Were you injured by a self-driving vehicle?

The autonomous car industry used to brag that their vehicles never got into serious accidents. Not anymore. An autonomous truck owned by Uber Technologies, Inc., recently ran into a pedestrian in Arizona. The 49-year-old female victim was crossing a street without using a crosswalk at the time the accident occurred. She later died in the hospital… read more

Rusty steering bolts trigger massive Tesla recall

American consumers should never assume that the products they purchase are fully safe. Although product safety laws exist to protect consumers – and give them legal recourse in the event they are harmed by defective goods – there are numerous yet-to-be-discovered dangerous products available for purchase right now. Unfortunately, people usually have to get hurt… read more