Injuries to Children

What Is the Most Common Birth Injury?

Birth injuries occur to newborns more frequently than most expectant parents realize. Although modern medicine has vastly improved conditions during pregnancy, labor and delivery, birth injuries still occur – largely due to medical malpractice. Medical malpractice could cause a catastrophic or permanent infant injury. A newborn could suffer many different injuries in the delivery room,… read more

The truth about food poisoning: Most common culprits

Food poisoning is the topic of the week on our blog, and if you have read our past two posts, you know that food-borne illnesses can wreak havoc on a person’s life for a lot longer than a week. In fact, bacteria such as E. coli can end up causing life-threatening problems years after a… read more

The truth about food poisoning: Holding the food industry liable

Welcome back. As we began discussing in the previous post, food poisoning can mean a lot more than feeling violently ill for a few days. Food-borne illnesses can actually lead to many serious health complications as well as death on rare occasions. In our last post, we discussed how E. coli can lead to the… read more

The truth about food poisoning: It might not be temporary

When most people hear the term “food poisoning” they think of a brief but unpleasant sickness. However, what people don’t realize is that food poisoning can be deadly or lead to serious health problems months or years down the road. Food poisoning is often caused by toxic bacteria and viruses in the food we eat…. read more

Now is the time to revisit school zone safety

California Law enforcement officials are reminding drivers to use caution in school zones. Interestingly, they say it is often parents who drive too fast or are distracted after picking up or dropping off their children. In fact, an officer with the California Highway Patrol said parents cause most of the safety problems in school zones…. read more

Civil Boy Scout sexual abuse case goes to trial

A 20-year-old man who was sexually abused by a Boy Scout adult volunteer in 2007 has sued the Boy Scouts of America in a personal injury lawsuit. The case began trial this week. The man is arguing that the organization failed to warn parents and volunteers about the dangers of sexual abuse. His attorney said… read more

California lawmaker advocates for car seat safety

New parents often fret over getting into a car accident with their children, but our modern society often requires parents to drive with their offspring in tow on a daily basis despite their fears. Soon, parents become accustomed to driving with their children and they become less concerned about potential car accidents. However, parents must… read more

What to do after your child has been injured in an accident

In our last post, we discussed a new study on head injuries in children that was conducted by researchers at the University of California’s Davis School of Medicine and published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study showed that falls, car accidents and bicycle accidents are predominant causes of head injuries in… read more

Study identifies most common causes of head injuries in kids

Parents have to accept that they can’t keep their children safe from all injuries; bumps, bruises and scrapes are just a part of growing up. However, new research shows that more serious accidents, such as falls and car accidents, can lead to serious head injuries. The research, which was gathered by University of California’s Davis… read more

When a child should get a CT scan after a head injury

Any time a child is involved in a serious car accident, his or her parents often worry sick over the internal injuries the child may have endured. This is especially true if the child suffered a head injury in the accident. Thanks to technology, it’s possible to check the brain for damage using computed tomography,… read more