Important tips for child safety seat recalls

If you are preparing for the arrival of a new baby, or are going to be taking care of a child in the near future, you are likely making sure that you have the right car seat. Having the right child safety seat, or at least being aware of any pertaining recalls is important in… read more

Parents should be wary of drinking and driving on prom night

Indeed, the unusually rainy weather has dominated headlines in our region; but for teenagers, the rain will not damper the upcoming prom season. This annual night of glamour and fun is anticipated all year and remembered for a lifetime. However, the proliferation of alcohol use can mar these nights. While distracted driving continues to create… read more

Lower back pain? Just wait it out, some doctors say.

Each year, thousands of Americans suffer lower back injuries at work, forcing them to apply for workers’ compensation or even social security disability. For many, the problem is a debilitating one, with very few paths to a painless future.  However, a doctor and back pain specialist at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System has a new suggestion for… read more

Did you suffer a serious brain injury? Don’t suffer alone.

Nearly 1.5 million people receive a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC. Fifty-thousand people die as a result of their brain injuries, and 85,000 are left with life-long disabilities. There are almost an unlimited number of ways an individual can sustain a TBI,… read more

Were you hurt by a defective product in California?

If you use a defective product and are seriously injured, California laws allow you to pursue financial compensation. You may be able to hold accountable any party whose actions contributed to getting the product on the market, including the product’s manufacturer, distributor or retailer. However, you have to be able to prove that the party… read more

No driver, no taxi: will the future of commuting be safer?

The future of taking a taxi may not involve a driver. Or a taxi. Or roads. Commuters in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates may soon be using automated flying taxis, according to the New York Times. The drones, which are capable of holding a single passenger, may begin operation as soon as July, according… read more

40,000 auto deaths prompt a call to action

Recently, there have been a spate of stories about the increases in traffic deaths, auto accidents and other fatalities that occur as a result of dangerous or irresponsible behavior while on the road. So is anything being done about it? It seems the authorities have indeed taken notice. The National Safety Council (NSC), alarmed by… read more

Millenial drivers: they’re the worst.

A common suspicion, finally backed by science: millennial drivers are the worst.  A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has confirmed the anecdotal belief that millennial drivers are highway hazards. In particular, the study finds that 88% of drivers aged 19 to 24 have admitted to engaging in risky behavior while in operation… read more

End deaths due to medical error: a millionaire’s mission

“How do we put an end to the preventable deaths that occur daily inside of hospitals and other health-care facilities?” This question plagues a lot of people across the medical field. While many work day-in and day-out to reduce deaths due to medical error, Joe Kiani is attempting to take a huge leap forward, by… read more

The changing landscape of workers’ compensation

According to both doctors, lawyers and insurance professionals, the workers’ compensation landscape has changed–and is changing–in significant ways. In particular, some factors are responsible for the changing the face and application of the industry over the past decade, including the opiate epidemic and the increasing online presence of the everyday worker.  In some states, lawmakers… read more