Hurt by a distracted driver? You can seek compensation in court

Over the last few decades, car accident death figures in the United States were on a steady decline. However, in recent years, the number of roadway fatalities in our country has started to rise. Considering how many technological advances have come out in recent years, how could this be? The reason is likely due to… read more

Pilot crash-lands helicopter in Los Angeles

The last thing you expect to see in the morning when you get up is a helicopter crash-landing in your back yard, That’s happened in the past, though, and it may happen again. For the people in a Sherman Oaks neighborhood in Los Angeles, that unlikely incident happened On July 21, a helicopter crash-landed on… read more

Could taking Paxil make someone commit suicide?

Paxil is a medication that doctors prescribe to treat a host of psychological conditions. Doctors long respected Paxil as a safe medication to treat these conditions but mounting evidence supports the idea that Paxil is also highly dangerous. Some believe that Paxil could interfere with the human brain in a way that results in people… read more

Rafting accident has a happy ending after days of searching

The summer is here, and you might be excited to get on the river to go rafting. If you are planning to go rafting, it’s important to take precautions to avoid injuries. A July 10 news report discussed a man who went missing after a He fortunately made it out of the woods safely, and… read more

Follow these bicycle safety tips when commuting

At some point, you may find that bicycling to and from work is the best approach. This is a great way to avoid traffic, get some exercise and save money. Unfortunately, just the same as driving a car, there are safety hazards around every corner. Stay aware of these potential risks in order to avoid… read more

How to walk safely in urban areas

Some people live in urban areas, while others only visit for work, entertainment, shopping and dining among other activities. It doesn’t matter why you spend time in a busy city but walking around is obviously unavoidable. Walking is a great way to experience an area while getting some exercise that will keep you happy and healthy…. read more

Food poisoning injuries: Can I file a claim for damages?

Where you live and what you enjoy eating may determine how often you suffer from bouts of food poisoning in your life. If you live in Roseville, California, and you eat an average diet, your chances of getting food poisoning are rather slim — that is, unless you eat food prepared or sold by a… read more

Plane crashes on Interstate 405 in California

It’s not everyday you hear about a plane landing on the freeway, but that’s what happened in this news story out of California. The news reports that the Cessna 310 aircraft was flying over Interstate 405 near the local runway at John Wayne Airport when it put out a mayday call. Air traffic controllers identified… read more

Traumatic brain injury: The many treatment strategies

Many people are unable to make the best decisions regarding their care after suffering serious head injuries. With a variety of treatment strategies available, anyone with a traumatic brain injury will want to consider all of his or her treatment options with the help of a loved one and medical professionals. The type of medical… read more

Can I claim loss of consortium damages?

When it comes to injuries in a car accident, most plaintiffs think about the extent and permanence of their injuries and the cost of medical care needed to get better. However, there are a wide variety of other injuries that plaintiffs will endure as the result of an injurious crash. In fact, even a plaintiff’s… read more