truck accidents

Who are the potential defendants in a semitruck accident case?

Plaintiffs who are pursuing personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits should try to name as many defendants as possible since this will help maximize the chances of recovering just compensation. In a commercial trucking accident caused by a negligent truck driver, the potential defendants will include more than just the truck driver. These potentially liable… read more

Man faces charges for death of passenger in truck crash

It is hard to imagine why anyone would get behind the wheel when intoxicated. People know from the time they begin driving that it’s illegal and could lead to serious injuries or deaths. Despite that, people still do it every day. In some instances, that mistake leads to deaths and lasting repercussions. Take, for example,… read more

Increasing speed limits: Is it a solution to truck wrecks?

A speeding truck is a dangerous truck. These heavy vehicles aren’t designed to travel at high speeds. If they do, they could easily go out of control. One problem is that faster vehicles are not as easy to stop. Another issue is that a vehicle traveling quickly might be more prone to jackknifing with sudden… read more

Avoid truck accident fatalities with these tips

Normal-sized vehicles do not stand a chance when they’re involved in a collision with a commercial truck. Big rigs are just too heavy and too massive. They will crush the average small car in an instant, leaving catastrophic injuries and death in their wake. This is why it’s essential for all commercial truck drivers —… read more

3 ways that trucking companies are liable for accidents

The federal government has created an array of laws that govern the activities of commercial trucking companies and the truck drivers that work for them. This is because of the extreme dangers presented by heavy semi-trucks, which move slowly and cannot navigate traffic in an agile way, making semi-trucks more prone to being in an… read more

These causes of truck accidents might surprise you

Truck accidents happen for many reasons. While most people know the common causes, like being in the driver’s blind spot or a driver getting distracted behind the wheel, there are other things that could lead to serious collisions as well. For example, even when you come to a stop at an intersection, you could be… read more

What should you do if you’re involved in a truck crash?

You were traveling with family when your worst nightmare happened: A truck driver wasn’t paying attention, entered your lane and hit your vehicle. You lost control, and you went off the highway. Fortunately, there was only one major impact, but now you and your family members have injuries to tend to along with damage to… read more

New technology could prevent truck crashes

If you have ever driven when there were many semi-trucks on the roads, you know that trucks can be dangerous to others. If a driver isn’t paying attention or falls asleep, he or she could quickly cause a truck accident. One firm in California is tackling this problem. Strong Tie Insurance Services wants to handle… read more

Who is responsible if I am in a commercial truck accident?

When a consumer driver experiences an accident with a commercial truck, the damage and injuries the victims suffer are often catastrophic. Even in relatively minor accidents that only result in moderate injuries or damage, the expenses of recovering physically and the other costs to the victims can add up quickly. If you have ever been… read more

Californian statistics: Crashes and fatalities for 2015

California has a population of over 3.9 million people, as of 2015. Out of that population, there were over 335.5 million miles traveled that same year, the most of any state in the country. It may not be a surprise that there were more fatal crashes in California that year than in any other state…. read more