The terrible imbalance of power on our highways

Nothing gives a driver the chills like the shadow of a large commercial vehicle blocking out the sun. You know your chances of surviving a truck-altercation are slim. Here are the statistics Nearly five percent of all highway vehicles are commercial in nature. While you in your car are carefully transporting people, these are other… read more

What state has the most bicycle deaths every year? Ours!

It’s not a big surprise that California leads the nation, year after year, in bicycle fatalities. We have the most people. We have more bicyclists. We have the most miles of roads and highways of any other state. And we know that the car is king in California. The most recent statistics show California averaging… read more

‘The Road to Zero’ – A 30-year goal of zero traffic deaths

Zero traffic fatalities — that’s the ambitious goal set this past week by the Transportation Department. Zero, zip, nada. That’s a bold ambition, given that we have been seeing record numbers of deaths the past two years. Last year was the bloodiest year since 1966, and this year is expected to be 10 percent worse…. read more

Study: The real smartphone danger for young drivers may be apps

For a long time we at Cutter Law have been issuing warnings about the dangers of texting while driving. But a new study suggests that another smartphone activity is replacing texting as the deadliest behavior – using apps. The organization is SADD – Students Against Destructive Decisions, in collaboration with Liberty Mutual Insurance. The apps… read more

Which car makes and models have the highest fatality rates?

Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists which vehicles were involved in the most fatal crashes. Before reading you should know several things: Cars are actually safer today than ever. It’s not always the car’s fault – by design or performance — that the accident proves fatal. These numbers reflect fatalities from years… read more

Different trends for car and bicycle accident fatalities

In recent years, more and more people who are involved in California car accidents have been surviving thanks to safety innovations and medical care, and the fatality rate has been falling. However, cars are not the only vehicles on the roads, and bike accident fatalities have actually been trending entirely in the opposite direction. If… read more