Pedestrian Accidents

Were you involved in a car vs. pedestrian accident?

There is never a good time for drivers to take their eyes off of the road. If you share the roadways with cars, always pay attention to what’s going on around you, as this helps minimize the chance of being involved in an accident. The car always wins A driver’s negligence can lead to serious… read more

There are many common causes of pedestrian accidents

As a pedestrian, you know how important it is to be aware of your surroundings at all times. In California, a growing number of people have come to realize that it’s much easier to walk from one destination to the next — not to mention the health-boosting effects of such a biped lifestyle. While there… read more

Common causes of pedestrian accidents

As a pedestrian, you know that one mistake by a driver could lead to an accident with serious injuries. Even so, this doesn’t mean you should stop walking or biking from one place to the next, especially since both forms of transportation are most congenial to the environment. It’s important to understand the most common… read more

Uber lawsuit claims drivers necessarily distracted by cellphones

Ride-sharing apps seem to be the next big thing in transportation. And leading the charge in this arena is Uber, the controversial company that seemingly won’t let convention or state laws stand in its way. Uber has already had a storied history here in California, including numerous legal challenges, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits…. read more

See Tracks? Think Train! RT launches new safety campaign (1 of 2)

California safety officials are warning that there is a problem with distracted drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists being hit by commuter trains in Sacramento and many other parts of the state. According to the rail safety group Operation Lifesaver, there were 154 people hit by trains in California last year, resulting in 101 deaths and 53… read more

Far fewer traffic officers on patrol in Roseville

The start to 2015 was a deadly one in Roseville, California, with three separate pedestrian fatalities occurring in less than two weeks in January. Then, a four-car accident left several people seriously injured. Similar accidents occurred throughout 2014, and some worry that the trend is a direct result of fewer traffic officers patrolling the city’s… read more

How are speed limits set?

After a motor vehicle accident occurs, one of the first things police investigate is whether any of the vehicles involved were speeding. As we all know, speeding is a factor in many motor vehicle accidents. However, have you ever wondered how speed limits are set? You might be surprised to know that drivers play a… read more

CHP tackles pedestrian safety in Sacramento County

After several bicycle and pedestrian accidents occurred in north Sacramento County over the past year, the California Highway Patrol took to the streets in effort to promote safety. On Saturday, extra patrols were sent to various locations where pedestrian or bicycle accidents had occurred to perform a decoy enforcement operation. The CHP reported that 36… read more

Tips to avoid pedestrian accidents this Halloween

Welcome back. As we began discussing earlier this week, most people associate Halloween with being scary, but for all the wrong reasons. While haunted houses, horror movies and ghost stories might leave you frightened, a pedestrian accident could turn into a real-life nightmare. After a serious pedestrian accident has already occurred, it is too late… read more

Pedestrian accidents, drunk drivers make Halloween truly scary

Ask anyone what the scariest part of Halloween is and you will probably get answers like zombies, ghosts or goblins. However, the truly scary things about Halloween include drunk driving and pedestrian accidents, USA TODAY reports. These days, adults are just as crazy about Halloween as kids are, and they like to celebrate the event… read more