Amnesia: A struggle to remember

Amnesia is, at its core, the inability to memorize or recall information. Some people struggle with amnesia that is basically short-term memory loss, whereas others suffer from amnesia where they forget many years of their lives. Even though amnesia is talked about in the media and in movies, it’s not very common. Amnesia typically refers… read more

Avoiding slip-and-fall accidents in the winter months

You enjoy heading out to your favorite stores, and you enjoy going to the beach and downtown. No matter where you go, there’s always a risk of getting into an accident. Whether you’re in the frozen food section of your favorite grocery store, in a vehicle or walking, there are hazards everywhere. One such hazard… read more

What’s the medical definition of a brain injury?

Brain injuries are common following car accidents, which involve strong centripetal forces. When a vehicle gets into a collision, any bodies inside the vehicle will continue to move forward at the same rate of speed until something inside the car stops them. That could be a seat belt, the roof of the car or the… read more

Does aging have an impact on brain injuries?

One difficulty of brain injuries, particularly among youth, is that as individuals grow and age, they impact victims in unknown ways. Initially, when a child has a brain injury, it may not significantly impact his or her day-to-day life due to his or her parents being present to care for him or her. Later in… read more

Odds of death in a car accident

The thing about odds is that they’re not a perfect science in that they realistically don’t apply to everyone the same way. For instance, by looking at the statistics, you can figure out your odds of passing away in a car accident in the United States. However, are your odds really the same if you’re… read more

Commercial drivers are held to higher DUI regulations

Commercial drivers are held to higher standards than those who drive other vehicles. Why? Their vehicles are large and dangerous. When a semitruck or commercial vehicle gets into a crash, the stakes are higher for everyone involved. Larger vehicles tend to cause more serious accidents, and that means that even a low-speed collision could result… read more

Danger lurks on hometown roads on Thanksgiving Eve

When most people think of the biggest drinking night of the year, New Year’s Eve, the 4th of July or even St. Patrick’s Day may come to mind. Although there is no hard evidence to support the widely-held belief, bartenders all over America agree that “Black(out) Wednesday” is actually their biggest alcohol sales night. Never… read more

Burns from car accidents are worse than other types of burns

Burns caused by car accidents can be some of the worst. They’re chemically induced and heat up very quickly, causing a lot more damage than burns from other sources. Combined with smoke, a victim inside a vehicle is in serious danger. Most people who suffer from minor burns can recover without any complications, but major… read more

What symptoms have you suffered from a brain injury?

Suffering from a brain injury is common after a serious car accident. The gravitational forces involved in a collision can throw the human body — and your head — around the inside your vehicle in a violent way. Even if your head doesn’t impact any part of the vehicle, the jerking movements of a crash… read more

Geckos could hold the answer to healing spinal injuries

Living with a spinal cord injury is devastating, but with that devastation can come hope when new medical techniques and discoveries are announced. One such discovery could make a huge difference in your life in the future, according to a Nov. 3 report. The news states that studies involving the gecko could hold the answer… read more