Pregnant woman dies in California car accident

In a recent vehicle crash, a woman who was four months pregnant ended up passing away. Police said drunken driving may have caused this car accident in California. This type of motor vehicle accident understandably leaves the victim’s family filled with heartache and even anger. The crash took place in the area of Highway 44…. read more

We hold manufacturers responsible in product liability cases

Last week, we wrote about the massive recall of certain Graco car seat models earlier this month. As we explained, the recall is primarily due to an allegedly defective buckle that could make it difficult to remove the child from the seat in an emergency situation. While Graco fiercely fought allegations that the buckle was… read more

Most killed in truck accident with bus died from inhaling smoke

A crash back in April, between a truck and a bus, resulted in an inferno when the vehicles caught on fire and burned on the side of the road. Nine people lost their lives in the crash, which took place in Northern California. The reports have now come back in the wake of the accident,… read more

Car accident leads to 3 deaths in California

Three people recently passed away after a head-on crash in California. The car accident occurred early in the morning on a Sunday. Witnesses told police that they believed one driver, possibly intoxicated, was going the wrong way on the freeway. The authorities say that a collision took place shortly thereafter. Reportedly, a 28-year-old man was… read more

Focus: Graco’s unprecedented recall of defective child car seats

Seeing a picture in an article published earlier this month by the Los Angeles Times that shows a safety inspector checking child safety seats while two infants peer out from behind their safety harnesses is admittedly cute. It also serves as a stark reminder of the preciousness and fragility of toddlers and the need to… read more

Authorities looking for dog accused of biting woman in California

The authorities in Woodland, California, which is near Sacramento, are looking for a dog that allegedly bit a woman and her dog while going for a walk. The dog is said to be a Siberian Husky, and it has black and white markings. The color of the leash is not known, but the woman who… read more

Truck accident leads to many injuries and 1 death

A vehicle crash involving a semi-truck can be particularly dangerous on California’s highways. This is because a semi is so huge and can easily damage nearby vehicles on the roadway, thus potentially causing serious or even fatal injuries. One fatal truck accident involving a semi and multiple vehicles recently took place in our state. The… read more

California city considers ordinance to reduce dog attacks

A California city is deciding whether to combat serious and fatal dog bite attacks by implementing an ordinance that would require all dog and cat owners to spay or neuter their animals over the age of six months. The measure is also aimed at reducing overpopulation of unwanted or stray animals. The Pasadena City Council… read more

Lawmakers considering ignition interlock mandate

Family members who have lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents know that there is no amount of money that can ever make them whole again. Unfortunately, this is a reality suffered by the families of thousands of Americans each year. In effort to help put a stop to repeat drunk drivers, a bill has… read more

Car accident leads to 3 deaths in California

A rear-end accident can have disastrous consequences. This is especially true if the person who caused the car accident was speeding and was not paying attention to the traffic ahead of him or her. Three people recently died in this type of vehicle accident in California. The incident occurred in the area of Antelope Valley… read more