California Driver Handbook: Who has the right-of-way?

In most cases when driving on California roads it is quite obvious who has the right-of-way. For example, we all know that drivers who have a green light at an intersection have the right-of-way over drivers who have a red light. Most of us also know that at a four-way stop the driver who reached… read more

CHP tackles pedestrian safety in Sacramento County

After several bicycle and pedestrian accidents occurred in north Sacramento County over the past year, the California Highway Patrol took to the streets in effort to promote safety. On Saturday, extra patrols were sent to various locations where pedestrian or bicycle accidents had occurred to perform a decoy enforcement operation. The CHP reported that 36… read more

Though careful, truck drivers experience many big rig accidents

  Studies have been done to see if truck drivers are more or less careful than other drivers, and the results have often shown that truck drivers do more than the average driver to be cautious and safe on the road. This makes sense, seeing as how accidents can have a drastic impact on their… read more

California car accident leads to 1 death, 5 injuries

One person recently died and several others were injured in a recent crash in California. The tragic car accident occurred on a Monday night. According to police, excessive speed may have contributed to the crash. Police said the car wreck involved several vehicles. At a little past 8 p.m., one sport utility vehicle ended up… read more

One woman’s crusade to stop truck underride accidents (3 of 3)

Welcome back to our third and final post on truck underride accidents this week. As we stated previously, truck underride accidents have been a major problem on American roads for several decades, though it is a problem that has largely been ignored by regulators. However, one woman — with the help of social media —… read more

California pedestrian accident results in 13 injuries

Several pedestrians were recently injured in a vehicle crash in California. The pedestrian accident allegedly involved a driver who was operating a vehicle under the influence. The accident took place on a recent Sunday night. The crash occurred at the intersection of two streets. Police said families had gotten together to view Christmas decorations. At… read more

One woman’s crusade to stop truck underride accidents (2 of 3)

Welcome back. This week we are discussing truck underride accidents on our blog. As we stated in our last post, truck underride accidents have been going on for decades, but the issue seldom gains national attention. In fact, the last time truck underride accidents were in the national spotlight was in 1967 when actress Jayne… read more

One woman’s crusade to stop truck underride accidents (1 of 3)

If you have ever been driving behind a tractor trailer you may have noticed two vertical steel bars that extend from the fame of the truck and connect with a horizontal steel bar. This feature is known as an underride guard and has been required on the backs of most large trucks and trailers since… read more

Helmets make a difference with bicycle accident injuries

  As children, it seems that everyone was told while learning to ride a bike that wearing a helmet was a must. For adults, though, these safety devices are often ignored. There are many reasons for this, from a general sense that helmets are uncomfortable and “uncool” to the fact that adults are more confident… read more

Could this product help prevent distracted driving accidents?

When we think about distracted driving, we often think about the distractions that are caused by cellphones such as texting, emailing, surfing the Internet or talking. While, indeed, these are all dangerous distractions, a cellphone isn’t the only thing that takes a driver’s eyes off of the roads. In fact, something as simple as reaching… read more