Driving under the influence may have caused California crash

Vehicle accidents in California are often fatal due to the fact that a large amount of damage can stem from the mixture of speed and the immediate impact of two automobiles. When a car accident results in the deaths of individuals, the surviving loved ones might question how such a harrowing event could have occurred…. read more

Car accident leads to death of 1, injuries to 3 in California

Crashing into an object such as a guardrail or guard barrier may easily lead to debilitating injuries or death because of the sudden impact associated with it. The sudden halt of a forward-moving vehicle can cause massive destruction. Discovering that a family member in California has died in a car accident of this nature can… read more

California fatal accident results in pedestrian death

Pedestrians are always at risk when they share the roadway with multiple types of motor vehicles. They must often walk very close to traffic, and they have nothing to protect them if a collision should occur. Sadly, tragedy sometimes strikes because of this. A recent fatal accident in California just before Thanksgiving led to a… read more