The terrible imbalance of power on our highways

Nothing gives a driver the chills like the shadow of a large commercial vehicle blocking out the sun. You know your chances of surviving a truck-altercation are slim. Here are the statistics Nearly five percent of all highway vehicles are commercial in nature. While you in your car are carefully transporting people, these are other… read more

Which car makes and models have the highest fatality rates?

Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists which vehicles were involved in the most fatal crashes. Before reading you should know several things: Cars are actually safer today than ever. It’s not always the car’s fault – by design or performance — that the accident proves fatal. These numbers reflect fatalities from years… read more

California pedestrian accident results in 13 injuries

Several pedestrians were recently injured in a vehicle crash in California. The pedestrian accident allegedly involved a driver who was operating a vehicle under the influence. The accident took place on a recent Sunday night. The crash occurred at the intersection of two streets. Police said families had gotten together to view Christmas decorations. At… read more

Pedestrian accident at ice cream shop kills 1, injures 6

Several people who were simply waiting to order ice cream, enjoying life on a recent Friday night, ended up getting injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. In addition, one woman lost her life. When a California pedestrian accident occurs, it is normal for the family members of those who are injured or… read more

California fatal accident results in pedestrian death

Pedestrians are always at risk when they share the roadway with multiple types of motor vehicles. They must often walk very close to traffic, and they have nothing to protect them if a collision should occur. Sadly, tragedy sometimes strikes because of this. A recent fatal accident in California just before Thanksgiving led to a… read more