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Was a family member seriously injured in an auto accident? Did you suffer injuries when another driver struck your car or caused you to get into an accident? It seems that car accidents happen all the time in California. Unfortunately, many of those accidents are quite serious. Some lead to soaring medical expenses, missed work, complicated insurance issues and interference with normal life. If you were injured due to the fault of another, a qualified Sacramento car accident attorney at Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP will do what is necessary to protect your rights to compensation.

For over 25 years, our team of injury lawyers have provided skilled legal representation to clients who were seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents in the state of California. We will help ease your burden and reduce your stress by handling the details of your personal injury claim so you can focus on what is important — recovering from your injuries and putting your life back together.

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Why Hire Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP for Your Car Accident Case?

A car accident can have a devastating impact on your life. You deserve compensation to help aid in the recovery process. At Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP, our Sacramento auto accident attorneys have the skill and experience to help you at the negotiating table and in court. When you work with our law firm, you get the help of accident and injury lawyers who:

Your personal injury claim doesn’t deserve just any legal representation – it deserves the best. Trust the Sacramento car accident attorneys at Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP to handle your claim so that you can focus on recovery. Call (916) 774-7200 to schedule a free consultation.

How Much Is My Car Accident Injury Claim Worth?

Because every car collision claim involves different circumstances, fault, and injuries, there is no one set amount of recoverable compensation. Depending on the details of your case, you can potentially recover:

The other party’s insurance company will likely give you an offer for a settlement, but the amount isn’t always full and fair compensation. Working with a skilled Sacramento car accident attorney can help you properly calculate and win your damages. If you lost a loved one in a car crash in Sacramento, you may pursue financial compensation through a wrongful death claim.

Should I Get an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Anyone who is injured in a serious car crash should get immediate medical care. Then, they should consult an experienced car accident attorney in Sacramento for legal help. This is for several reasons, including:

It is important to have someone with experience guide you through the claim process and explain your options, your rights, and your entitlement to fair compensation. If you or somebody you love was injured in a car crash caused by a negligent driver, look no further than the Sacramento accident attorneys at Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP.

How Much Do Car Accident Lawyers Charge?

While hiring a lawyer is the best chance you have at recovering compensation, the potential cost may make people hesitate. After all, accident victims often have substantial medical bills to handle, and they don’t want to add another financial concern to their lists.

At Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP, we work on all our car accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning no upfront fees. You only pay us when we earn your case a successful outcome. Initial consultations are free and no-obligation, letting you learn your legal rights with financial peace of mind. And if you can’t travel to our law offices in Sacramento or Roseville, we can arrange a ride to and from your consultation, also free of charge.

California Minimum Liability Car Insurance

Like other states, California has laws on the minimum amount of liability insurance that all drivers should have. All motorists must have liability coverage for at least:

Aside from following the law, having liability coverage is important in car accident claims. Without insurance, the at-fault driver may be personally responsible for paying any damages to the plaintiff. Because of the potentially lasting impact of car accident injuries, the final damage amount may be more than an uninsured motorist can handle.

However, even injured drivers need to hold liability insurance coverage. California law places a cap on the amount of non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering) that uninsured drivers can recover. Even when you aren’t at fault for the accident, not holding the appropriate level of insurance can reduce your total compensation amount.

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

With vehicles weighing several hundred pounds and traveling at high speeds, automobile collisions can cause substantial damages. Some common injuries from car wrecks include:

Many injuries can have lasting impacts on accident victims, some with even lifelong physical and emotional consequences. For these damages, you have a right to recover both past and future financial and non-financial damages. The Sacramento car accident lawyers at Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP can help you accurately determine your rightful compensation for your injuries.

Determining Fault in an Auto Accident

When someone is at fault for a car accident, they become the liable party. However, to have a successful claim, you’ll need to prove fault first. This includes four major components:

  1. The driver had a duty of care towards you. In car accidents, all motorists automatically assume a duty of care to follow the laws of the road for others’ safety. This includes pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and other motorists.
  2. The driver breached this duty of care by acting negligently or recklessly. Any violations of traffic laws, traffic signs, improper vehicle maintenance, and distracted driving can all constitute negligence.
  3. The negligence act caused your accident.
  4. The accident led to your injuries. If you had suffered any injuries before the accident, you would not be able to recover compensation for those damages in your claim.

While establishing duty of care can be straightforward, proving the other critical components of fault can become a complex matter. At Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP, our Sacramento car accident lawyers have the resources to investigate your accident for evidence to establish liability.

Roads at High Risk for Car Accidents in Sacramento

As a busy city, Sacramento has plenty of roadways for vehicles to travel on – and plenty of drivers on the roads with the potential risk of getting in an accident. The Sacramento roadways and intersections that have the highest crash rates include:

These roads and intersections have accounted for numerous accidents and injuries over the past few years. Following safe practices while driving through these areas and staying alert for what other drivers are doing can help you reduce your chances of being in an accident.

Sacramento Car Accident Statistics

According to the Safe Transportation Research and Education Center at the University of California, Berkeley, there were a total of 59,048 vehicle collisions between 2010 and 2017.

These collisions have taken the lives of 1,058 people and injured 83,906 others.

Sacramento is considered one of the hotspots for fatal crashes in the country, this is why the injury attorneys at Rosenthal & Kreeger take this issue very seriously.

Top Five Car Collision Factors in Sacramento

To further understand the reasons behind the high number of traffic accidents, we started by looking at the collision factors responsible for the most crashes.

We can see that driving at unsafe/illegal speeds causes the majority of car collisions in Sacramento with 45%. Followed by Automobile right of way (17%), Improper turning (16%), Traffic Signals & Signs (12%), and finally, the influence of Alcohol and Drugs (10%).

The Total Number of Collisions and Injuries By Year [2010 – 2017]

Next, we looked at collisions and injuries statistics by year. The year 2016 recorded the highest number of collisions and injuries in Sacramento with 12,681 injuries from 8,831 collisions. It was the peak of an uptrend that started around 2012. The year 2017 saw a decline in the trend with 11,582 injuries from 8,169 collisions. 

The Total Number of Traffic Fatalities By Year [2010 – 2017]

Although the number of collisions and injuries started declining in 2017, the number of fatalities rose by 3 for a total of 172 car collision fatalities.

The Percentage of Crash Victims by Victim Role

Finally, we looked at the roles of the collision victims to have a better sense of the data.

Unsurprisingly, the highest percentage of crash victims were the drivers of the automobile with 64%. Followed by passengers (26%), with Pedestrians & Bicyclists splitting the remaining 10%.


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For over 25 years, the legal team at Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP has handled complex serious injury cases, including auto accidents, truck and big-rig accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, boat and personal watercraft accidents, and ATV accidents in Sacramento County. Some of our vehicle cases also involve product liability, such as defective vehicle design or a flawed road design that creates a dangerous condition on public property. Our lawyers know how to investigate any accident to fully evaluate and protect your rights.

At Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP, many of our clients who have suffered serious injuries have a long road to recovery that requires full-time focus and dedication. We want to take the burden of dealing with the legal issues off of your plate. We want you to focus on getting well and getting your life back together. Call us at (916) 774-7200 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation at our Roseville or Sacramento law offices. There are no risks involved in discussing your options and you pay no fees until we win your injury case. We proudly serve Sacramento County and surrounding areas, including Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, and Rocklin.