Truck accident

Though careful, truck drivers experience many big rig accidents

  Studies have been done to see if truck drivers are more or less careful than other drivers, and the results have often shown that truck drivers do more than the average driver to be cautious and safe on the road. This makes sense, seeing as how accidents can have a drastic impact on their… read more

Showing that California drivers have been negligent

Trucking is a serious industry in California, and it comes with a lot of responsibility. Semi drivers are held to a higher level of responsibility than most drivers, due to the rules and regulations that govern the way that they can operate their vehicles. These include things like: – Keeping a log of the hours… read more

5 things not to do after California truck accidents

Sometimes, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. After a truck accident in Sacramento — or any car accident, for that matter — there are a few things that you should certainly not do, some of which have legal ramifications. — Do not drive away from the scene… read more

Traffic safety advocates challenge FedEx business model

FedEx is a business. There is no question about that. It’s logo is well-known; its services are largely appreciated here in Roseville, other areas in California and beyond. A business, especially one that employs drivers and puts large trucks on the road, must put safety before success. There are some who have faced tragedy who… read more

Most killed in truck accident with bus died from inhaling smoke

A crash back in April, between a truck and a bus, resulted in an inferno when the vehicles caught on fire and burned on the side of the road. Nine people lost their lives in the crash, which took place in Northern California. The reports have now come back in the wake of the accident,… read more

Truck accident leads to many injuries and 1 death

A vehicle crash involving a semi-truck can be particularly dangerous on California’s highways. This is because a semi is so huge and can easily damage nearby vehicles on the roadway, thus potentially causing serious or even fatal injuries. One fatal truck accident involving a semi and multiple vehicles recently took place in our state. The… read more

California truck accident injures construction workers

A construction zone accident featuring a semi truck left multiple workers with injuries in California. Three men were hurt, but none were killed in the accident, and it appears that the driver of the semi truck may not even know that anything happened. The police are still looking for the truck and the driver. The… read more

No more white lies: commercial drivers and electronic logbooks

Humans are prone to shade the truth. Indeed, to a rather alarming degree, the tendency to lie is common in many different contexts. Last month, for example, in a New York Times essay that was widely circulated through social media, a commentator pointed out that in one survey about film rentals, fully 30 percent of the… read more

Accurate medical assessments are mandatory for big rig drivers

Before hitting the road, drivers must do their best to ensure that everything is in order to successfully complete a trip — no matter how long or short. This means that it’s important for drivers to ensure that their vehicle is safe for driving. At the same time, it’s equally important for motorists to understand… read more

A thumbs-up from trucking industry on FMCSA drug/alcohol proposal

Better late than never. That seems to be the general reaction of the commercial trucking industry to the recent announcement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of a proposed rule to better regulate problem drivers. Industry voices have been pushing regulators for years to come up with a system that accurately identifies and deals… read more