Brain injuries: When they affect your family, seek help

Brain injuries can impact anyone from a small child to an older adult. They often devolve from car crashes as a result of the force of the impact. These injuries occur due to direct impact with the windows, steering wheel, steering column and other objects. Sometimes, they occur because of torsion in the brain, e.g.,… read more

Do I need a motorcycle license in California?

Motorcyclists in California need to have a special license in order to drive their motorcycles. At your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), this license costs $35 and requires you to provide proof of identity, pass a motorcycle training program or skills test and pass a written test. You also need to have had a… read more

Injuries on stairs may not be your fault

Health experts encourage us to take the stairs for fitness. Perhaps you have added stairs into daily routine, at your workplace, at your apartment building or in your workouts. Perhaps you have no choice but to go up and down the steps to get where you’re going. But taking the stairs can be bad for… read more

Does your vehicle make a difference in a crash?

Personal injuries can run the gamut from minor to severe when you crash. The vehicle you’re in at the time of the crash makes a significant difference in how dangerous a crash is for you. A person in a semitruck, for instance, is less likely to suffer injuries compared to someone who is in a… read more

Could baby powder cause cancer?

Could something as seemingly innocuous and ubiquitous as baby powder cause cancer? Could this Johnson & Johnson personal hygiene product that mothers feel safe putting on their babies be a potentially deadly carcinogen? As far-fetched as it sounds, Johnson & Johnson baby powder — which is comprised of the naturally occurring mineral talcum — can… read more

Should you lane split on a motorcycle?

So far, California is the only state that allows motorcyclists to lane split. Also known as filtering, this driving move allows you to ride between the lanes when you are traveling in the same direction as the other vehicles. There are many who agree and disagree with the law allowing lane splitting. However, no one… read more

Parasailing woman left to float away when boat capsizes

Going to the beach is one of the great benefits of living anywhere in California. At most, it’s just a few short hours to the ocean. Keep in mind that the ocean can be an extremely dangerous place. Even if you do something as controlled as parasailing, there is a potential for injury. In this… read more

3 surprising benefits to wearing a motorcycle helmet

The decision to wear a motorcycle helmet should be a no-brainer from a safety perspective. However, there are many people who still choose to skip this essential piece of safety equipment. If you’re tempted to ride without a helmet, here are three benefits of motorcycle helmet use that you might not have been aware of…. read more

These 3 injuries are more common for motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents can impact a person significantly in just an instant. From the fact that they have little to no protection against impact, it’s easy to see why motorcycle crashes are so dangerous. People who go through motorcycle accidents are exposed to a few specific kinds of injuries that are less common in passenger-vehicle collisions…. read more

What are the top 3 causes of car crashes?

Car accident causes vary depending on what part of the country you’re in, the time of year and local trends. However, there are some kinds of car crashes that personal injury lawyers in California tend to see over and over again. Perhaps the saddest thing about the majority of these crashes — especially when they… read more