See Tracks? Think Train! RT launches new safety campaign (2 of 2)

Welcome back. As we discussed in our last post, safety officials are concerned about the rising number of pedestrians and bicyclists that are being hit by commuter trains in California, especially in the Sacramento area. Because it is believed that distraction contributed to many of these incidents, the Sacramento Regional Transit launched a campaign this… read more

See Tracks? Think Train! RT launches new safety campaign (1 of 2)

California safety officials are warning that there is a problem with distracted drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists being hit by commuter trains in Sacramento and many other parts of the state. According to the rail safety group Operation Lifesaver, there were 154 people hit by trains in California last year, resulting in 101 deaths and 53… read more

David Crosby strikes and injures a jogger in California

David Crosby, who rose to fame as part of the group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, was involved in an accident in California. While driving his car, he ran into a man who had gone out for a jog. The incident happened in Santa Ynez, California, and Crosby was close to his home at the… read more

Graco faces major fines for delaying car seat recall

You may remember Graco’s massive recall last year of nearly 2 million car seats because of a potentially defective buckle that could make it difficult for a child to be removed from his or her seat in an emergency situation. If not, we discussed it in this post. At first, the global child-products maker fought… read more

Cellphones not the only cause of distracted driving

A new study suggests that while teen drivers understand the dangerous distraction that using a cellphone to talk or text while driving poses, they might need more reminders about other forms of distractions while driving. The study was discussed at the recent Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium, which included both educators and transportation professionals from five… read more

CHP hopes to improve safety on Highways 74 and 243

Highways 74 and 243 in the Coachella Valley are known for being dangerous. Highway 74, also called the Palms to Pines Highway, is a winding 50-mile stretch of road that weaves through the Santa Rosa Mountains. At times, drivers follow a narrow road at the edge of the mountain. Highway 243 connects Interstate 10 in… read more

The truth about food poisoning: Most common culprits

Food poisoning is the topic of the week on our blog, and if you have read our past two posts, you know that food-borne illnesses can wreak havoc on a person’s life for a lot longer than a week. In fact, bacteria such as E. coli can end up causing life-threatening problems years after a… read more

Different trends for car and bicycle accident fatalities

In recent years, more and more people who are involved in California car accidents have been surviving thanks to safety innovations and medical care, and the fatality rate has been falling. However, cars are not the only vehicles on the roads, and bike accident fatalities have actually been trending entirely in the opposite direction. If… read more

The truth about food poisoning: Holding the food industry liable

Welcome back. As we began discussing in the previous post, food poisoning can mean a lot more than feeling violently ill for a few days. Food-borne illnesses can actually lead to many serious health complications as well as death on rare occasions. In our last post, we discussed how E. coli can lead to the… read more

The truth about food poisoning: It might not be temporary

When most people hear the term “food poisoning” they think of a brief but unpleasant sickness. However, what people don’t realize is that food poisoning can be deadly or lead to serious health problems months or years down the road. Food poisoning is often caused by toxic bacteria and viruses in the food we eat…. read more