Uber lawsuit claims drivers necessarily distracted by cellphones

Ride-sharing apps seem to be the next big thing in transportation. And leading the charge in this arena is Uber, the controversial company that seemingly won’t let convention or state laws stand in its way. Uber has already had a storied history here in California, including numerous legal challenges, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits…. read more

Left-turn accidents are common and deadly for motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle has its perks, including good gas mileage and the feeling of freedom as you cruise down the highway. But there are also significant risks that motorcyclists face. Among the most serious hazards motorcyclists face are negligent and inattentive drivers. Here in California, good weather allows riders to use their motorcycles at all… read more

Two seconds of driving distraction more dangerous than you think

One of our posts last week focused on the fact that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Texting, cellphone conversations and other driving distractions are increasingly becoming a problem on roads in California and across the United States. This is, in part, because those who choose to engage in distracted driving vastly overestimate their ability… read more

Distracted Driving Awareness Month observed in California

Distracted driving remains one of the most prevalent hazards on U.S. roads today. That includes here in California, which has some of the country’s most comprehensive laws against cellphone use behind the wheel. Although distracted driving education and enforcement is a year-round priority, you may be especially aware of efforts this month. April has been… read more

General Motors may already be parsing new recall decisions

The record number of automotive recalls last year affected millions of Americans across the country, including here in California. While numerous companies issued recalls, the most prominent example of automotive defects last year was provided by General Motors. Revelations that GM knew about and covered up its deadly ignition-switch defect for more than a decade… read more

Congressman wants railroad crossings investigated

In our last two posts, we discussed concern over the recent increase in the number of pedestrians and bicyclists being hit by commuter trains in California. Because it is believed that many of the accident victims were distracted by cellphones and other gadgets when they were hit, Sacramento Regional Transit recently launched a campaign warning… read more