3 teens dead in fiery California car accident

Three young people recently lost their lives in a single-vehicle crash in California. The car accident happened after a police chase had ensued. This kind of accident can occur because of a driver’s negligence or recklessness on the roads in our state. The recent California vehicle crash reportedly took place when a police officer attempted… read more

A dozen students injured when school bus flies off road

Thankfully, no students were killed last week when a school bus driver lost control and ran off of the California road. However, 12 students were injured and two required hospitalization but are expected to recover. Reportedly, the accident took place on Thursday afternoon in Anaheim when the bus was making a turn and jumped over… read more

First wrongful death suit filed after bus-FedEx collision

In past posts, we have discussed the tragic charter bus accident in Northern California that left ten people dead. The bus, carrying many high school students and chaperones, was on its way to Humboldt State University for a tour when it was struck by a FedEx truck head on. Last week, it was reported that… read more

California truck accident injures construction workers

A construction zone accident featuring a semi truck left multiple workers with injuries in California. Three men were hurt, but none were killed in the accident, and it appears that the driver of the semi truck may not even know that anything happened. The police are still looking for the truck and the driver. The… read more

Message received: Distracted driving is dangerous

For every second that a driver’s eyes are off of the road, the risk of getting in an accident increases. As we discussed thoroughly in our article on distracted driving fatalities, that’s why California and many other states have taken drastic measures to get drivers to focus on the road instead of their cellphones. The… read more

2 dead following fatal car accident in California

Losing a family member to a California vehicle accident can naturally be devastating. Finding out that the accident resulted from another person’s drunken driving, however, may cause the surviving loved ones to be downright outraged due to the preventable nature of this type of car accident. In this case, the family may choose to seek… read more

What to do after a dog attack in California

Animal attacks are more common in California and the rest of the United States than we would like to think. A dog bite or attack can not only be extremely traumatic for a child or adult, it can also lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages and other costs. For that reason, many individuals who… read more

Who is responsible after a fatal charter bus accident?

In our last post, we discussed the tragic charter bus accident that occurred in Northern California on April 10 and claimed the lives of ten people, including several high school students. At the end of our post, we explained that an investigation is currently taking place to examine how the accident occurred and whether negligence… read more

Proposed bus safety regulations return to the spotlight

Fatal motor vehicle accidents are never a welcome occurrence. Unexpectedly, families lose so much — often without the ability to say goodbye to loved ones. The healing process after the crash can be long, as families explore their options to feel whole once again and move forward. However, in some cases, there may be an… read more

California bus crash results in injury victims, death

Young people one moment may be enjoying a bus ride in anticipation of viewing potential colleges. However, in a split second, their dreams of going to school could become a nightmarish situation involving both death and serious injury victims. An accident resulting from another driver’s failure to pay attention can lead to this type of… read more