dog attack

California Leash Law

Every day, someone suffers catastrophic injuries in a dog attack. Dogs running loose or at large contribute to many of these severe and sometimes deadly incidents. In California, it is every pet owner’s legal responsibility to obey leash laws in public places. Otherwise, the dog owner could be responsible and held liable for what his… read more

How can children stop a dog attack in California?

Children are often in more danger during a dog attack than adults, especially since it is easier for a dog to bite a child in the upper body, such as the face and neck, while a taller adult may only be bitten on the hands. Before medical help can be given to a child who… read more

What dogs may attack in California that you’d least suspect?

To find out which dogs were the most dangerous, the American Veterinary Medical Association did a study to look at all of the fatalities that were linked to dog attacks. While some of the names on the list may not shock you, it is worth noting that there were some surprising inclusions. For example, at… read more

Dog bite data from the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization reports that animal bites are a large cause of injury and even death all around the world. Near the top of the list are snake bites, which impact up to five million people every year. However, dog bites rank even more highly, with worldwide reports showing that injuries sustained each year… read more

Authorities looking for dog accused of biting woman in California

The authorities in Woodland, California, which is near Sacramento, are looking for a dog that allegedly bit a woman and her dog while going for a walk. The dog is said to be a Siberian Husky, and it has black and white markings. The color of the leash is not known, but the woman who… read more

Dog attack involving pit bull and 4-year-old sparks debate

A pit bull attack that occurred in a nearby state last month has sparked a debate over how dogs involved in attacks should be treated after the incident. The attack occurred on Feb. 20 while the 4-year-old victim was under the care of a babysitter. The young boy may need to have several reconstructive surgeries… read more

Escaped camel bites California man on the head

In a bizarre animal attack, a man was bitten on the head when a camel escaped its enclosure last Friday and terrorized locals in a Southern California community. According to authorities, the camel got out of its pen at around 8:30 in the morning and went on a rampage for approximately 45 minutes before it… read more

Dog spared after Murrieta biting incident

An Akita that attacked a 3-year-old boy inside of a Murrieta Lowe’s will not be euthanized. The dog, also 3 years old, was determined to be under “irresponsible” ownership, rather than being a danger to the community. The dog’s owner, a 62-year-old Murrieta man was arrested for suspected criminal negligence and was released on a… read more