Motorcycle Accidents Drop Across The U.S., Except In California

Across the country, motorcycle deaths are declining, mostly as a result of increased safety regulations. While helmet and other laws are reducing the number of motorcycle accidents yearly, California has seen an increase of 23 percent in bike accidents and fatalities between 2003 and 2011, according to a recent article.  As helmets have been shown… read more

Staying Mindful Of Your Social Media Presence During Proceedings

For most of us, maintaining a social media presence is an everyday occurrence. In fact, more than half of all Americans use Facebook. Whether we maintain a blog, write the occasional status update, or use it to connect with friends and colleagues, our online presence plays a part in our daily lives. However, those who… read more

Bright LED street lights causing cities, motorists consternation

We all say that we like streets to be brightly lit for greater driving safety at night. In the past few years many cities, including Sacramento and Davis, rushed to install LED street lamps. The new-era lamps were brighter, they reduced energy costs, and they lasted longer than their predecessors – about 15 to 20… read more

Bicycling accident numbers

According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 726 bicyclists were killed in 2014 as a result of vehicle accidents. This figure accounts for a little over 2 percent of the number of individuals injured or killed that year due to traffic accidents. Californians who are fond of bicycling may be surprised… read more

New technology helps drivers avoid accidents

California residents may be interested to know that according to a projection from the U.S. Census Bureau, there will be roughly 54 million people in America who are 70 and older. Of those in that age group, 80 percent are expected to be licensed drivers, and that number could be even higher if car safety… read more

DUI suspected in California fatality accident

A Sept. 5 car accident has left two children dead and a 36-year-old male driver facing felony charges for suspected DUI. The accident occurred on Highway 166, where the man moved into oncoming traffic while traveling west at a high speed. He reportedly attempted to correct his 2008 Toyota, which caused it to travel into… read more

Is driving getting safer?

A question we are often asked is, Is it getting any better out there? For all the innovations in safety equipment, and heightened consciousness on the part of drivers – are our roads and highways actually safer? It’s an excellent question, and the answer is yes, a little bit. But it’s a complicated trend to… read more

FMCSA reaffirms 30-minute break requirement

California truck drivers will need to continue taking their required 30-minute breaks during their first eight hours of driving time each day. In August 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration denied a petition by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Association to lift the break requirement. The CVSA represents inspectors of trucks and buses nationwide. The… read more

Can a dog be a criminal?

An elderly Coalinga woman was attacked last month by a pit bull. It was an ugly attack, in which the dog bit several of her fingers off, and also caused tearing injuries to her arms. After the attack, the dog returned to the scene and had to destroyed by police. In the wake of that… read more