Single-Car Crashes Are Real – and Compensable

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If you are in an accident and no one else was involved, it was your own fault, right? Not necessarily. Single-car crashes — accidents involving only one car — happen frequently, and other parties may be held responsible.

Drivers hit potholes, debris, spilled cargo or a tree across the road, or a deer crashes through your windshield. You swerve to avoid hitting another vehicle, and you end up a hundred yards off the road, crashed into a ditch. A pedestrian knockdown is a kind of single-car accident. Injuries can be severe or even fatal.

But single-car accidents are often dismissed by insurance companies, even by your own insurance company, when you file a claim. That’s why you need an experienced Sacramento car accident attorney in your corner, making it very clear that your motor vehicle accident and your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence.

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