Not All Injuries Occur on Streets and Highways

One of the most dangerous places to drive is not a street or highway, but a parking lot or parking facility. They are packed with vehicles jammed close together, their signage is erratic and they are laid out in puzzle-like patterns. It is not surprising that accidents are common, and people get seriously hurt.

Parking areas are not the only off-road danger zones. Driveways and boulevards are notorious for injuries to pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters and people in wheelchairs.

How Can I Be Compensated For An Off-Road Crash In California?

Accidents in off-road places can be challenging when it is time to seek compensation. Whose negligence contributed to the injury? It could be the other driver, or it could be the mall, the parking lot operators, the security outfit or whoever put up the confusing signage.

A parking lot accident can be like a premises liability case — if mall officials knew about broken glass in the middle of a lane, but did nothing about it for several days.

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