When A Runaway Tractor-Trailer Leads To Injuries

The idea of a runaway trailer hurtling down the highway is terrifying. When this happens, many innocent motorists are placed in harm's way due to no fault of their own, exposed to the possibility of suffering a catastrophic injury.

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Causes Of Runaway Trailer Injury Accidents

It is crucial to be extremely cautious when attaching a trailer to a commercial vehicle. If not properly fastened using adequate safety equipment, the results can be tragic. Proper lighting connections are also critical for traffic safety, and the tires and wheel bearings on the trailer must be periodically inspected, maintained and replaced to ensure safety for motorists sharing the road with tractor-trailers.

Getting You Compensation For A Runaway Truck Accident

In some instances, mechanical defects such as brake failure can result in a runaway truck situation, particularly on downhill stretches of highway. These situations often result in collisions with other vehicles, as well as in rollovers that spill debris or otherwise result in accidents.

Our legal team has considerable experience handling runaway truck and runaway trailer claims. We will thoroughly analyze your situation to determine who is at fault and then pursue all possible sources of compensation.

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