Truck Lighting, Reflection And Visibility Accident

It is hard to miss a truck in broad daylight. Weighing in at roughly 80,000 pounds and standing at multiple times the height of a typical car, a big rig is not conspicuous during its travels. But nighttime is a different story altogether. To safely share the road with other vehicles, it is crucial for vehicles to be properly lit with functioning headlamps and other lights.

When a big rig does not possess proper lighting, it is hard for other vehicles to gauge their speed and the distance between their own vehicle and the big rig. This can result in accidents that cause catastrophic injuries and even death.

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Seeking Full Compensation For Trucking Accident Victims

According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA), fully implementing federal reflection and visibility requirements for tractor-trailers could save nearly 8,000 lives each year. Headlamps, side lighting, reflective tape and other illumination sources are crucial in meeting these standards.

Was Poor Lighting A Factor In Your Accident?

Our team will thoroughly investigate all possible factors in your truck accident, including a lack of proper illumination. You can rely on us to identify the negligent parties responsible for your injuries and pursue a verdict or settlement that fully meets the scope of your needs.

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