Did A Failed Truck Inspection Lead To An Accident?

Routine and thorough inspections are critical elements in any plan to keep big rig trucks functioning properly and safely. When trucks do not undergo inspection or are kept on the road despite not passing inspection, the results can be tragic, including immense property damage, catastrophic injuries and even death.

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Brake Failure Is A Common Cause Of Truck Accidents

Of the items that should be routinely inspected, brakes may be the most important due to their role in preventing devastating truck accidents. Brake failure can occur for many reasons, including wear and tear (age), improper installation and lack of maintenance of other items that interact with the truck's braking system. A thorough inspection can catch and address these issues before a truck returns to the road.

Our team performs thorough investigations after any truck accident involving our clients, including a detailed review of all inspection records. If issues identified in an inspection went unresolved or a truck failed to be inspected at all, we will pursue compensation from all possible sources. This could include trucking companies, inspectors and parts manufacturers.

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