The Complexities Of A Truck Accident Case

Trucking accidents are extremely delicate cases that require a strong and experienced legal team to ensure a successful outcome. Cases involving commercial vehicles can become complicated quite quickly because victims are often seriously injured, and all too often, fatalities are a result. In addition, a truck driver is technically "on the job" when driving his or her vehicle, and as such, numerous other factors come into play that are not involved in a typical vehicle accident case.

Rosenthal & Kreeger LLP has over 25 years of experience managing complex cases involving truck drivers, trucking companies and the organizations they are hauling for. Our attorneys know how to handle commercial trucking insurance companies, truck manufacturers and repair facilities as well as road construction businesses. Often, these cases involve complex federal regulations and in-state trucking requirements that these drivers and their employers are required to follow.

Because there is a two-year statute of limitations on trucking accidents in California, it is important to get a consultation regarding your case as soon as possible. Call our truck accident lawyers at 916-677-4979 to start discussing your options today. Don't sign any agreements until you have consulted an attorney about your rights.

Our Goal Is Accountability

Truck drivers are trained professionals. Their job is driving a tractor-trailer, and they are responsible for safely getting their cargo to its destination. Eighteen-wheelers can be hard to maneuver — they have many blind spots — and often drivers are under tremendous pressure due to tight schedules and deadlines, especially delivery truck drivers. These issues, however, do not excuse a big-rig driver from negligent driving. In fact, a semi truck driver must be in compliance with many rules, lest he or she be considered negligent, such as maintaining trip/hauling logs and valid and current medical certificates. Common causes of truck accidents include:

Drivers must exercise reasonable care when operating their vehicles, and if they do not, they are responsible for accidents.

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