Client Testimonials For Rosenthal & Kreeger LLP

Below are some testimonials from our clients regarding their time working with our firm. We invite you to review some of their experiences, and keep them in mind when reading through the rest of our site. Call Rosenthal & Kreeger LLP at 916-677-4979 if you are interested in becoming another successful client. You may also connect with us online.

Christopher L. Kreeger is a knowledgeable, genuine, honest, friendly, and all in all an excellent attorney and gentleman.

The accident connected with this representation occurred on June 1 and the case fully settled very acceptably on January 17. There were three parts to the case. They were Property Damage, Personal Injury, and Diminished Value (Diminution on Value). The Property Damage claim was pretty straightforward and Chris did not require representation to collect for the $7,300 repair of the damaged 2010 Camaro. The Personal Injury claim was a battle, a tough negotiation between Chris and a very stubborn Insurance Company.

Chris was able to negotiate to almost double the initial offer made by the Insurance Company. A very acceptable resolution was achieved in my opinion. Finally there was the Diminished Value. I acquired a Professional Report that set the fair market value of the Camaro at about $31,000 and determined that the Diminished Value range was $3,800 to $7,000. The Insurance Company's original offer was $0.

After a lot of negotiating between Chris and the extremely stubborn Insurance Company, a settlement of $2,500 was arrived at and agreed to. Being that there is no case law in California to support DV claims I believe this is an excellent achievement on the part of Chris and speaks highly of his negotiation skills. In my opinion, choosing Christopher L. Kreeger to represent your interests in any legal case or negotiation would be a very wise choice.

— K.

Chris Kreeger is a Great Attorney!

Chris cares for his clients. I received 1st class service and was comfortable with how he handled my case.

— N. A.

Chris Kreeger is awesome, definitely recommend him to anyone.

I needed an injury lawyer in Sacramento and I am so happy I chose to go to The Kreeger Law Firm. I was recently in a collision and I sustained both serious damage to my vehicle and to myself (lower back injury). I clearly needed a personal injury attorney who was going to fight on my behalf and who was also caring and driven to recover my losses. Chris Kreeger is awesome; definitely recommend him to anyone in the Sacramento area.

Great Auto Accident Attorney!!!

Provided by Citysearch, Chris Kreeger is a great attorney with awesome staff. Always took my calls and got me a great result. Very pleased. Thanks!

— Alex Sheldon

Highly Skilled Injury Attorney

Mr. Kreeger, is a very reputable individual; he is very prompt and dependable on handling any issue. Mr. Kreeger was very respectful to myself and my family and took excellent care of my case.

— Debra Beentjes

Chris focused on managing the details of my case while allowing me to focus on "Getting Well!"

After I was injured I spent many hours away from my business and family seeking medical care. I was in pain and it was a very stressful situation. Chris went the extra mile to get to know me as an individual and he was an advocate in protecting my best interests. He provided access to him directly on a regular basis and with knowledge, logic, and integrity; he took care of my case allowing me to focus on "getting well." I am very satisfied in the outcome of this lawsuit and I have no regrets in hiring Chris Kreeger. I will definitely recommend him to others that find themselves in need of a Personal Injury lawyer!

— Carmen, a Car Accident client

If you want to be treated fairly, contact Christopher Kreeger.

I have an enormous heart for Chris and his Firm. All they have told me, became a reality for me not believing in the lawyer system. I thought accident attorneys were there for people for money. This was not the case as Chris went the extra mile to help me thoroughly from start to finish. I am glad to have been referred to him. As well as I referred my cousin to Chris and we both are very pleased with the outcome. Thank you Chris and staff. You guys rock in Rocklin. If I ever need an attorney to represent me, I have Chris on my speed dial. Thank you from me and my family.

— James H, a Car Accident client

I had never sued anyone before, and I was hesitant to get a lawyer because I am not a lawsuit happy person.

But I was in a car accident where I stopped and hit in rear and not my fault. The other driver got out of her car and apologized, and assured me she would take care of everything. 48 hours went by and I heard nothing. I then called her insurance company and they started giving me the run-around with repairs to my car, i.e. used parts, small rental car, etc. The next day I started having neck and back pains, and my arm began to fall asleep. I went to my doctor and he said I might have a herniated disc in my neck. He immediately ordered an MRI which confirmed his suspicions. I finally got a call back from the other driver's insurance adjuster who insisted on recording everything, and then he stated that since I did not have neck or back pain right after the collision that my pains could not be related to this accident. I was appalled.

I had never been in an accident before, and never had neck or back pain before. I ultimately had neck surgery and have now returned to work and feel better. A friend of mine referred me to Chris, and I called him in tears. My car was smashed, and they had essentially denied my claim. Chris immediately reassured me he would be able to help. He referred me to a reputable body shop that used original equipment, and then filed a lawsuit on my behalf. Although it was a long process, he stood by me the entire time and in the end changed my mind about lawyers.

There is no way I could have dealt with this without him. In the end, the insurance company had to pay what was fair and reasonable. I would not hesitate to retain Chris again, or refer him to a friend or family member. I thought all of this would be taken care, as the other driver promised, but I found out the opposite.

— A Personal Injury client

Mr. Kreeger is a professional who seeks out for your best interest and is very reliable.

I would use Chris again and I highly recommend him to anyone. He kept me up to date with my case. He fought for my best interest and always told me all my scenarios that could arise and always explained the process and when it came down to making the final decisions they are yours! Mr. Kreeger is very knowledgeable and reliable and most of all trustworthy!

— Yvette, a Car Accident client