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Did your smartphone explode?

Smartphones, e-cigarettes and a variety of other consumer products that use rechargeable lithium ion batteries are in constant danger of exploding and causing injury to their users. For example, Samsung recalled a number of its Note 7 phablets because consumers were suffering severe burns when the digital devices exploded.

Are ATV accidents more severe than car crashes?

At this time of year, many parents become worried about their teens because of the increased potential  for auto accidents. Prom season and the upcoming graduation seasons are prime time for accidents. However, we cannot forget that teens can be injured when operating other motor vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).

According to a report, ATV accidents remain a serious public health concern in the U.S. In fact, younger operators (i.e. teens and children) sustain injuries more serious than adults riding similar vehicles. Additionally, these injuries tend to be more severe than those suffered in car accidents. 

Should parents be afraid of having their children around dogs?

There are a number of reasons why some parents are nervous about having children around dogs.  Dog bite injuries are the second most common cause of emergency room visits for kids. A majority of injuries are to hands and arms, while head and neck injuries are also common. Further, children are more susceptible to fatal injuries in dog attacks.

As renowned dog trainer Cesar Milan says, it’s not about training the dog, it’s about training the people around the dog that’s important. The key is knowing why dogs bite and changing a person’s behavior accordingly. Essentially, dogs channel their aggression by biting. The aggression may manifest itself through dominance (protecting territory or items under its control), fear of unfamiliar people or settings, or reaction to punishment (after being hit or kicked). 

4 reasons for tailgating

Tailgating is dangerous and causes accidents constantly, but it's also so common that everyone has been tailgated at some point. Millions of drivers do it every single week.

Drivers' education courses always talk about staying two seconds back and maintaining a safe following distance, but people continue to tailgate. Why does this happen? Below are four reasons.

What are my rights after a pedestrian accident?

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident (whether you are the pedestrian or the driver), you may have a number of questions about liability and fault. You certainly want to know who would be held legally responsible and who could be sued for damages stemming from the accident, including pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

The answer depends on a number of factors, including whether the driver (or the pedestrian) was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, whether the pedestrian was in a marked crosswalk, whether the driver was speeding and whether any other hazards contributed to the accident. 

Did your child get hurt in a vehicle accident?

Roseville parents tend to have very full lives that involve driving their children to school, getting to work and running errands all over town. Spending so much time in a vehicle, however, comes with very real risks. Parents and their children could be involved in motor vehicle accidents at any time.

A typical accident might happen like this. You were driving your child to school one morning, following all traffic laws, when suddenly an inattentive driver distracted by his or her cellphone drives into the back of you. You were fortunate to escape the incident without injury, but your child was not so lucky. His head jerked hard and he suffered a concussion and a serious whiplash injury.

Why is summer driving more dangerous?

You've probably heard that more people are killed and injured in car accidents during the summer. The data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) paints July and August as two of the more dangerous months of the year. But have you ever wondered why?

There are a few reasons, but one is simply that people are on the road more. They may be teen drivers who don't have to go to school or families on vacation when they'd otherwise be at work. More people and more cars mathematically means more accidents and injuries. More road congestion can also increase accident risks.

San Jose crash caused by poor road markings, investigators say

No one expects to be involved in a collision when they are traveling, least of all when they're on a bus. That is what happened in this case, though, when a driver collided into a barrier on the highway.

The fatal crash that took place in San Jose was a result of bad lane markings, according to a report. Investigators had believed that it may have been the fatigued driver who caused the accident on Highway 101, but it turns out that there were inadequate road markings on the highway. The lack of markings led to the 2016 Greyhound bus crash that injured over a dozen people and killed two.

Tips for drivers who are on the road with motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely devastating. They often involve another vehicle and the outcome is usually not good for the motorcycle rider. Although most accidents involving motorcyclists don’t happen due to intentional actions, every driver still has a responsibility to keep an eye out for motorcycles when they are on the road.

It’s important to remember that motorcycles can be hard to spot. They are small and may be camouflaged by other vehicles or objects in the road. Take a few extra seconds to look around you before you merge into a lane or make a turn.

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