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Exploding e-cigarettes: What you need to know

Millions of people switched to e-cigarettes or "vapes" in recent years to continue delivering nicotine, but with minimal danger to themselves.

Now they are learning that this "safe alternative" can severely burn or poison them.

E-cigarettes are regulated by The Food and Drug Administration - but only when they are sold for therapeutic benefit. For the non-therapeutic user, the e-cigarette is a completely unregulated product. In particular,

the FDA does not regulate the batteries, which are emerging as the root cause of the most serious injuries.

Were you harmed by an exploding Samsung phone?

Samsung's Note 7 smartphones are blowing up and causing severe physical and property damage. The company is recalling these phones, including replacement phones, and now it is shutting down the entire Note 7 line.

But for those who have been injured by a Note 7 explosion, it's too late.

What kinds of injuries?

Most injuries have been burns and chemical burns. The phones usually explode while charging, but they have also exploded in people's pockets and in their hands. Battery fires can then ignite other fires, resulting in additional damage and injury. Deaths have even been reported from problems with previous phones.

Patients At Risk From Open-Heart Surgery Devices

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned recently that a spate of infections across the United States and Europe could be attributed to contaminated medical devices used in open-heart surgeries, according to STAT News.

At least 11 patients in the U.S. were infected with bacteria from a heater-cooler device designed to maintain patients' internal temperature during surgery, according to data published in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The 11 Americans join the ranks of six people infected in Switzerland, as well as dozens across the U.S. that have experienced similar symptoms.

Traffic Deaths Up 10% In First Half Of 2016

Some alarming news from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: traffic deaths are up by 10.4% this year, compared to the same point in 2015 while maintaining a steady rise, according to a recent article by the New York Times.

The numbers released also show that Americans drove about 50 billiion more miles so far this year—what amounts to be an increase of around 3.3 percent from the same point last year—thought the authorities are quick to point out that this increase does not explain the rise of traffic deaths. 

'The Road to Zero' - A 30-year goal of zero traffic deaths

Zero traffic fatalities -- that's the ambitious goal set this past week by the Transportation Department. Zero, zip, nada.

That's a bold ambition, given that we have been seeing record numbers oif deaths the past two years. Last year was the bloodiest year since 1966, and this year is expected to be 10 percent worse.

Ambitious goals can trigger extraordinary change

How does the government expect to reduce highway deaths from approximately 30,000 per year to nothing?

For now, the plan is a little sketchy on how this goal will be accomplished.

Five common symptoms and causes of traumatic brain injury

Brain injuries can occur from pure accident to someone else's negligence or malicious intent. They can even arise from the hazards of a job. Such injuries range from mild to severe and have a variety of symptoms that are physical, psychological or sensory for which the effects can materialize gradually or suddenly. In some cases, the symptoms may not show up until weeks later. Below are common symptoms and causes you should be aware of.

Moderate to severe symptoms

1. Loss of consciousness that can last up to several hours, persistent headache, as well as the potential for seizures.

2. Vomiting or feeling nauseated continuously.

3. Loss of coordination, weakness in appendages and difficulty waking.

4. Very confused, an unusually aggressive manner and dilation of the pupils.

5. Slurred speech.

Less severe symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, feeling sleepy and even feeling disoriented.

More Than One-Third Of Animal Collisions Occur In Autumn

More than one third (36 percent) of all auto claims that involve animal collisions on U.S. highways occur between the months of September and November, according to PRNewsWire.

The spike is in part due to animal migration patterns, particularly of larger animals like deer and elk. In particular, there is a 67% increase in animal collisions during these three months as opposed to the three months prior (July through August).

Should Phone Makers Work To Curb Texting While Driving?

Since smart phones have become omnipresent, the conundrum of solving the distracted driving problem has existed. Too often, news stories will emerge of distracted teens or adults texting while driving, causing, at best, a minor fender bender, and at worst, a serious accident with fatalities. States across the nation have reacted, passing laws to punish those caught texting while operating a motor vehicle. But the question also emerges: how much responsibility do phone makers like Apple and Samsung have to create phones and/or technology that attempts to curb distracted driving?

Motorcycle Accidents Drop Across The U.S., Except In California

Across the country, motorcycle deaths are declining, mostly as a result of increased safety regulations. While helmet and other laws are reducing the number of motorcycle accidents yearly, California has seen an increase of 23 percent in bike accidents and fatalities between 2003 and 2011, according to a recent article

As helmets have been shown to decrease head injuries by 69 percent and deaths by 37 percent, they have often been viewed as the best way to significantly reduce motorcycle deaths. 

Staying Mindful Of Your Social Media Presence During Proceedings

For most of us, maintaining a social media presence is an everyday occurrence. In fact, more than half of all Americans use Facebook. Whether we maintain a blog, write the occasional status update, or use it to connect with friends and colleagues, our online presence plays a part in our daily lives. However, those who have suffered a personal injury need to be mindful: more and more lawyers are using plaintiff’s social media posts against them in trial.

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