T-Bone or Side-Impact Crash

You know the signs of a side-impact crash — the smashed-in door or siding, or crushed wheel housing. Side-impact crashes, sometimes known as T-bone accidents because one car drives into another and makes a T shape, also damage people.

Injuries from T-bone crashes include broken bones, skull fractures, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, organ damage and severe brain injury. If the impact is violent, a passenger can die.

T-bone accidents occur in a variety of ways. The driver who collides into the side of the other car is often thought to be at fault. In fact, either driver can be at fault. Situations include:

  • One driver runs a red light and meets the other vehicle.
  • One driver ignores traffic lights and signs.
  • One driver is confident of making a left-hand turn and is struck broadside.
  • The brakes on one car fail, and the car enters the crash zone.
  • The stop light isn't working right, and both drivers enter the crash zone.
  • Both drivers approaching an intersection tell themselves, "I can do this," and they are both wrong.

Is Your Claim Valid? Talk To Us.

After an accident, you are likely to be unsure whether you have a valid claim for compensation. To qualify for compensation, your case must have two features:

  • The accident was caused at least partially by the other party's negligence.
  • The injuries you sustained in the accident must be significant enough to justify a suit.

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