Phantom Car Accidents ~ Who You Gonna Call?

Phantom driver events sound unusual but you have probably been involved in several. They happen when another car does something that forces you to swerve or leave the roadway. The phantom driver is unaware of the trouble they have just caused. But you were forced to make an instant decision that put you and others in danger.

The problem with phantom driver accidents is that you have no proof that you didn't just drive off the road, that your injury was caused by another driver.

The best recourse for phantom driver accidents is the same recourse you have with hit-and-runs and uninsured motorists — the extra uninsured motorist (UM) coverage that is part of your auto insurance policy. If you were wise enough to spend the few extra dollars this coverage costs, you are protected in the event of this kind of accident injury.

The problem with UM coverage is that your own insurance company, which issued the coverage, may be reluctant to honor it. Never forget that insurance companies are really not in the business of insuring you — they are in the business of coming out ahead financially. They will use the same tactics against a claim by one of their own policyholders that they use against complete strangers filing a claim: diminish the seriousness of your claim, delay payment of the claim and even deny the claim altogether.

If you are just an individual policyholder going up against a company with powerful resources, and deep experience in whittling down claims, you are probably in trouble. That's why you need to have an attorney on your side whose experience equals or surpasses that of the insurance company.

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