Twelve Common Crash Types

They are The Dirty Dozen — the kinds of accidents that most frequently cause serious accidents.

  1. Distracted driving: These are caused by cellphones, sandwiches, lipstick and more.
  2. Drunk driving accidents: This accident is both an insult and an injury.
  3. Head-on collisions: These result in catastrophic injuries.
  4. Hit-and-run: These combine carelessness and cowardice.
  5. Intersection crash: This is the place where most serious accidents occur.
  6. Off-road crash: These occur in parking lots, parking ramps and private drives.
  7. Phantom car accidents: They force you off the road, then drive away.
  8. Rear-end collisions: These are the single most common accident type.
  9. Rollovers: These accidents are most often associated with SUVs.
  10. Side-swipe: These accidents cause injuries as well as vehicle damage.
  11. Single car crash: If no one else is involved, can you get compensation?
  12. T-bone or side-impact crash

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