Spinal Cord Injuries And Your Personal Injury Case

Spinal cord injuries can happen to anyone, but often these traumatic injuries are the result of negligence, especially in vehicle accident cases. These injuries are complex, and victims are often facing a lifetime of special care and therapy needs. Lifestyle alterations such as these can impact the victim's whole life, from the job he or she can perform to the activities he or she used to enjoy, many aspects of life will not be the same.

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, call Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP, at 916-677-4979. We offer evening and weekend appointments as well as at-home or hospital visits, or you can schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Sacramento, Roseville or Rocklin.

It is hard to put a price on these huge lifestyle changes, but it is important to seek the compensation you deserve after an accident, so at least some of the stress of starting a new life can be alleviated. Our firm has been handling complex cases like these for over two decades, so we know how to achieve full compensation for your clients. A lawsuit won't bring back your mobility, but it can go a long way in helping you to move forward.

Helping You Recover

Focusing on treatment and therapies can be difficult enough without worrying about medical costs and lost income. Our firm understands these worries, which is why we work tirelessly to help our clients recover the full compensation they are entitled to. This money is calculated based on damages such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and lifelong care.

At Rosenthal & Kreeger, LLP, our attorneys represent individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries as well as family members who have been impacted. This includes those who are dealing with the effects of injuries such as:

  • Blown disks
  • Compression fractures
  • Herniated disks
  • Nerve impingement
  • Paraplegia/quadriplegia
  • Severed spinal cord
  • Vertebral fractures

Our lawyers work with experts such as surgeons, vocational experts and life care planners to determine the needs of our clients, then go to work building the strongest possible case for trial. Our attorneys are not afraid of litigation and will fight the insurance companies aggressively to get what our clients deserve.

You Deserve Success

After two decades of helping clients through some of the most serious injuries and accidents imaginable, our firm has a strong record of success for our clients. Our lawyers will ensure that you and your family feel well-cared for and are in capable and experienced hands. If you live in Sacramento, Folsom, Auburn or anywhere in Northern California, we invite you to learn more about our past cases, and read through some client testimonials to get a better understanding of our firm, or simply get in touch to discuss your case with us directly.